Horse Riding Peru Rancho Santana

We are a Swiss/Peruvian familiy and have a farm on the North Coast of Peru with typical Peruvian Pasohorses. 

We offer horse riding tours to tourists visiting the pyramids of Preinca Culture and we also offer volunteer farm jobs including accommodation.

Our horse farm us just a few minutes' walk from the village of Pacora and we welcome volunteers to help who can get to know the country of Peru and its people on this farm job. At the same time, they escape the hectic life and work with animals. Can get a completely different view of Peruvian life and its tradition in the rural idyll. The farm is located on the north coast of Peru, about 8 hours from the border with Ecuador.

In the course of the stay, the participants will take care of the horses and help with training. You can also learn how to handle horses, as well as riding. You will organize, plan and accompany the riding tours with the guests to the archaeological sites and temples of the pre-Inca-culture and take care of the tourists. If you do not want to work with horses, there is a lot of other work where you can take part.

In addition to the horses, there are also many other animals on the farm, such as chickens, ducks, cows, a goat, rescued street dogs and cats. You can also help with the work on the fields or during the maintenance and beautification of the farm. You will be able to tackle lots of other tasks too wherever needed.

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