Higher Cambridge International School

We are proud to be associated with the elegance of our unique school in Mandalay.

From small beginnings grow bigger things, but we must remember our humble beginnings as we are growing bigger. We are a family here doesn’t lose sight of our commitment to each other in providing holistic education to our children.

Real and Deep learning! Our motto here at HCIS High School is something we take very seriously in everything we do. All this represents endless possibilities. What is potential? Our children’s potential is something that can become real, given the efforts of us all to unleash.

Our IPC curriculum will be new, fun and challenging, the tests and exams are not going to be easy, and the teachers are demanding. So, we encourage our children not to be laid back or they will soon fall behind. Our curriculum feeds their hunger for knowledge by exploring the many resources around them, now they can start to shape their future and will live and grow for better tomorrows. It’s as simple as that. And yet so demanding.

With close to a total of 200 students HCIS is a small school, but don’t be mistaken, despite our growing student population, we can be a strong community, one where teachers and students share the same dream and vision.

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