Heshbon's Foundation

Heshbon’s Foundation is a local nonprofit and non-governmental organization / charity providing schooling and support to vulnerable children in Ghana.

Heshfound is working towards the betterment of rural poor communities in Ghana through volunteerism. It is established and designed to provide special needs of less privileged and marginalized children in Ghana with services extended nationwide with the aspiration to safeguard the disadvantaged children in Ghana through Education, Healthcare, childcare, sports Agriculture/farming, Construction & Renovation, Widows and Child Trafficking. We aim to improve educational opportunities and health for disadvantaged children in the Senya community through projects which rely on the support of volunteers from all over the world.

Our programs are designed and committed to enable people all over the world immerse themselves in new culture, make real difference, create impact, learn new things, network with likeminded people while they visit great historical sites in Ghana, West Africa.

We create avenues and programs that enable disadvantaged children and the youth have equitable opportunities to pursue higher education. Heshfound works with both international and local volunteers and experts to provide lasting solutions to challenges facing deprived communities of Ghana through volunteerism.


Our aims and objectives

  • To focus on child development
  • To build schools and charity homes in deprived communities
  • To provide shelter for the homeless and feeding for the most vulnerable in the community
  • To promote HIV/AIDS awareness
  • To provide financial support to women/widows to start up business.
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Our Mission

Our primary aim is to provide free quality education for orphans and street children. We also work with all sectors of communities in the fight against child labor, trafficking, poverty, illiteracy through awareness-raising actions and the implementation of projects for rational and sustainable exploitation resources.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become the driving force in healthcare, education and safety for the disadvantaged in Ghana.

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