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Green Light Ventures

Green Light Ventures provide group adventure trips to Tanzania with sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We specialise in off-the-beaten track experiences packed full of adventure, culture and wildlife providing an unforgettable once in a life-time trip.

Green Light Ventures is a personable company that is passionate about providing quality, life changing experiences to Tanzania. Sustainability and ethical travel are at the centre of everything we do.

Our trips provide a broad, off-the-beaten-track experience and the best adventure, wildlife and culture that Tanzania has to offer. These include experiences such as walking, cycling and game drive safaris to National parks and wildlife reserves, exciting excursions to waterfalls, lakes and hot springs. This is combined with fascinating cultural experiences such as bush craft and survival skills with the Maasai tribe, cultural village tours and trips to local markets and much more. We top off every trip with planting trees with local community groups to offset your carbon footprint, while giving back to the nature your there to enjoy. 

We organise and run every step of your experience from the bookings to the activities on the ground and do not pass you on to other providers. This way we can ensure you are in the safest hands, having the best possible experience whilst getting everything you wanted from your trip. We do all this at the best competitive prices in the industry whilst ensuring a high proportion of your money is spent on you and the local community you visit.    

Making sure you feel part of our local community and not like a tourist is extremely important to us. Therefore, taking you to unique places, engaging in activities no one else does and taking you away from the usual tourist trails separates us from all other travel companies. 

Our adventures are for all travellers who wish to explore Tanzania in a unique way with a diverse range of experiences. Our trips are best suited to the 18 to 40s age range who are individuals and couples looking to join a small, fun group that is expertly guided with plenty of freedom and flexibility. 

Duration / Dates

12-Day trips commencing on the following dates

10th of January 2023
7th Of March 2023
24th Of July 2023
3rd October 2023

more dates to come soon

Costs / Pay

12-day Eco Explorer - £1395
12-day Sustainable Serengeti - £1950

Placement Info

12-Day Eco Explore trip to Tanzania - Sustainable adventure trip including 1 day Safari to Tarangire National Park.
12-Day Sustainable Serengeti trip to Tanzania - Sustainable adventure trip including 3-day Safari to the Serengeti National Park.

Contact Info

Tel: +447599427622

Address : 47 Grove Leaze, Shirehampton

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Green Light Ventures Reviews

The trip of a lifetime

It was truly the adventure of a lifetime! I enjoyed how diverse the trip was, one day I was getting up close and personal with Tanzania's most impressive wildlife and the next I was spending an evening under the stars with the Maasai.

By: Will Parker
Nationality: Bristish
Age: 0

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