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The Great Wall Adventure Club travel and hotel reservation services are handled by our American and Chinese travel specialists. 

This way you get a personalized and expert touch when it comes to your travel arrangements, and we guarantee that no stone will be unturned. With our standard of excellence and service we proudly welcome you to China! 

Officially established in 2003 in Beijing, China, for 14 years Great Wall Adventure Club (GWAC) has been bringing the wonder, mystery, and excitement of “the middle kingdom” to visitors and daring explorers from all over the world. Our satisfied clients have included over 28,700 people from 59 countries. Initially established as solely a Great Wall trekking organization for backpackers, our success and drive has lead to us expanding operation to include all angles of China exploration, from cruises on the Yangtze, hiking in Tibet, exploring the tropics of Yunnan, and all the other great pursuits to be had. 

Our contributions have not gone unnoticed. In 2008 when the world had its attention focused on Beijing for the Olympics, the Great Wall Adventure Club was right in the thick of the excitement. During that time we were proud to be the official tour guides for numerous illustrious groups, including the members and families of the U.S. Softball team, the U.K. Swimming and Diving team, the Canadian Rowing team, and other Olympic groups from Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Of course, we were also widely used among the throngs of international fans who came to Beijing for the Olympics. Because of our expertise, NBC, for their own televised hike on the Great Wall, even enlisted our company for to show them their way on the wall. Great Wall Adventure Club has been listed on Fodor's China Guidebook and recommended for Great Wall hiking since 2010.  

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