Gotoco International

We are a social enterprise devoted to promoting cultural awarenessand quality English education through a variety of projects that link Europe and North America to China.

Our main operations involve assisting European and North American university students who wish to be summer camp counsellors or educators abroad, and linking them to schools and summer camps in China. We also assist local summer camps in hiring quality international camp leaders, as well as in holistically developing their summer programmes. We work with around 100 camps, schools, and education organisations in China, and are very integrated in helping camp organisations here develop.

We offer accessible exchange and TEFL certificate programmes to European and North American students, in our numerous partner summer camps and schools. The best part? No fees to participate, guidance throughout the visa and pre-departure process, and students obtain a TEFL certificate through their programme! We make sure our participants’ only expenditures are the flight and visa, and provide similar travelling opportunities to Chinese students by creating cultural exchange programmes in the UK.

We believe it is vital to foster good relations between China and Europe and North America, especially given China’s increasing importance in our globalised world. Unlike other cultural exchange and TEFL programmes in China, we do not charge any fees to take part, to ensure these opportunities remain accessible to as many people as possible.

This allows a more diverse community to broaden their horizons and share in educational experiences with young Chinese students. Through these programmes, we aim to boost people-to-people exchange, and reduce misunderstandings and stereotyping across cultural boundaries.

Duration / Dates

End of June to end of August

Costs / Pay

Compensation - Competitive salary and free accommodation & 3 meals a day

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