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Go Volunteer Africa is the largest and leading award-winning volunteer travel operator in Africa. We provide sustainable and ethical volunteer projects, and exciting adventure holidays in Africa.  

Go Volunteer Africa combines community development, service learning, and fun filled adventures! We work on many different projects which support the advancement of education, healthcare and the relief of poverty by focusing on education, Agriculture, health, environment and social development.

Our community projects focus on building basic infrastructure to assist local community development. Our approach to community development is different because each project we run is owned and led by the community to ensure its sustainability. We work closely in partnership with village leaders, local organizations and charities and that means each project is fully integrated into village life.

We are dedicated to empowering communities through sustainable service, transformative learning, and adventurous exploration. We lead the way in combining meaningful volunteer encounters and fun filled adventures in Africa - Work Hard and Have Fun.

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Go Volunteer Africa Reviews

Best experience of my life

For the record, I went to Tanzania recently and loved it. The program was everything I expected. The orphanage I worked at was amazing and I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

Tanzania is a beautiful country full of wonderful people. I learned a lot about myself as well as about another culture. The work was full of challenges, but was incredibly rewarding. Overall Go Volunteer Africa offered great support and is connected with a very good organization. If you are considering, just go!

I volunteered with two other companies in the past but Go Volunteer Africa was by far the best. Best program and best value for money - DO IT! Best experience of my life. I'm guessing the other volunteers rubbishing GVA probably didn't even volunteer with them.

The orphanage and the kids have been my highlight. Before I got to Tanzania, I was worried there would be no other volunteers but I have met a lot of really nice people from around the world. GVA having a big program (lots of volunteers and placements) is another big benefit of going with them.

Although they were some glitches here and there, overall, I had a great experience and would recommend the program 100%!

By: Chloe
Nationality: United States
Age: 0

I will definitely be back.

I spent three weeks volunteering with Go Volunteer Africa in Rwanda after hearing about the organization from a previous participant in Botswana. Cindy had spent two months with Go Volunteer Africa and was full of great stories and enthusiasm for the project. I had wanted to visit Rwanda since 2018 and after returning home from Botswana, Cindy's tales stayed with me. As a keen photographer of wildlife, I also wanted the opportunity to photograph Gorillas in the wild and see them roaming freely.

I was met in Kigali by the very friendly John and Agatha and immediately felt at ease in their company. We set off on the 2-hour journey to Musanze, where I worked with the women training them about financial literacy and computer skills.

John was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions about the country and the projects. The project was a new experience. A lot of hard work but I think it's something that builds character. I'm happy I did it, I feel a lot more world wise. After this I can do anything and eat anything!

Sitting down with women and talk about women-matters was by far the most enjoyable activity of my stay. Visiting the local schools was also a great highlight. The kids were so gorgeous, with friendly, open and curious smiles.

John showed them some nature videos as well as one about the work that Go Volunteer Africa does. The headmaster seemed very pleased the whole exercise and was also keen to have the children exposed to things outside of their daily lives.

He became very interested in my practice of yoga and so we decided I would teach about 50 of the students a thirty-minute yoga practice. Agatha and I put together a short video presentation about yoga, its history etc., to show them before the practice.

On the day the kids were great, although the girls remained in their skirts which meant a quick rethink of poses! But they were very enthusiastic, and eager to please, and did really well. It was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to give something to the school.

Everyone on the project was so accommodating and friendly and I felt very well taken care of. The food was absolutely delicious and I don't think there was a single dish that I didn't love. And our trips into the lovely national park provided lots of great wildlife photography and viewing.

All in all, it was an unforgettable experience and I left feeling that I have contributed just a little to the great work that Go Volunteer Africa does. I will definitely be back.

By: Scarlett Aaina
Nationality: Switzerland
Age: 0

Do not use them

I went through Go Volunteer Africa for a medical volunteer program in Mozambique. While they managed to find a host they did not pay the host family for accommodation and meals like they where suppose to. I emailed Go Volunteer Africa about a week into the volunteer experience and for several months afterwards with only an excuse if they responded at all. In the end I had to pay the host family myself. This company is unprofessional, lack communication, and does not pay the host family like they where paid to do. I would not use them and suggest no one uses this group.

By: Sarah Heckendorn
Nationality: United States
Age: 0

Loving the trip and love Go Volunteer Africa

I have been in Kenya with Go Volunteer Africa for 2 months now and love it. It is truly a unique place to visit, in terms of culture and wildlife. The location of projects is beautiful; situated on a white sandy beach and clear waters of Indian Ocean.

The project is within a small village where all the locals are very friendly. They have a strong sense of community, inviting us to parties, celebrations and even a carnival! Out here you get sun, sea, sand and life! Perfect combination!

The group of other volunteers and the local team have been great, after just 2 months I feel like I've known them for years and everyone really pulls in and helps each other out. The accommodation is basic, but it’s also so much more interesting than staying in a standard hotel.

There is quite a large group of us here at the moment, it is a very busy period and everyone tends to be all over the place. Although I strangely miss home already, the time is going quickly, especially when I am teaching and I have made many friends here. Everyone is so friendly.

Loving the trip and love Go Volunteer Africa... can't recommend it enough!

By: Lawrence
Nationality: British
Age: 0

We had an amazing family experience as volunteers with Go Volunteer Africa in Kenya

We had an amazing family experience as volunteers with Go Volunteer Africa in Kenya. We loved the whole experience and we miss the time with the local kids. My wife and I decided to travel with Go Volunteer Africa after reading so many positive reviews from past volunteers.

Of course we had a few reservations since this was our first time to travel abroad with our little children 5 & 9. We wanted to visit and explore Kenya but did not want to go as just tourists. While visiting, we wanted to experience the culture and give back if we could.

Go Volunteer Africa’s Paul organized everything we were looking for as a family. Cultural immersion, a chance to meet new people and make friends, a great place to stay, and affordable safari deals. This trip was worth every penny!

Herbert (the head of in-country staff) is such a wonderful guy and we promised him to leave a positive review because of the fabulous work he does. He was helpful, always a pleasure to be around and he has an amazing touch towards children.

Maddie and I cannot thank you enough for such an incredible time. Choosing to travel with you was and still is the best decision that we made last summer and we shall do it again next summer. We highly recommend this organization for family volunteer experiences due to our personal positive experiences with them! They are local, so they know where they need the help. Our kids learned a lot about themselves and the world outside.

By: Eadgar Roberts
Nationality: United States
Age: 0

The whole experience was brilliant for me

Kenya in general is an amazing country and my experience at orphanage and with Go Volunteer Africa was incredible. Paul my program agent is very professional and organized the trip just right from the moment I signed up.

I spent six weeks in Kenya working at the orphanage centre and enjoyed every moment of it!! I also accompanied a volunteer heading to Eldoret program site and I spent 5 days there. The activities were hands on, the wildlife during our safari was mind-boggling, the scenery was awe-inspiring and the staff were utterly fantastic.

The whole experience was brilliant for me. Simply living with the basics, cooking lunch and dinner for the children, organizing sports activities and enjoying a truly communal atmosphere was totally unique and wonderful.

I learnt so much from the endless knowledge of the staff members, and learnt even more about myself from simply going out there on my own and seeing how I coped. My favorite bit of my stay was vegetable gardens I set up with the children and my family also funded the knitting class.

I highly recommend the program in Kenya, the local team is just awesome. Thank you Go Volunteer Africa for giving me an opportunity to make a difference!

By: Charlotte
Nationality: Canada
Age: 0

The Best Volunteer Program in Kenya and Africa

Ever since I was really little, it has always been my dream to travel to Kenya because of its wildlife, and with Go Volunteer Africa I was given the perfect opportunity.

In July 2022, I spent three weeks at the conservation program in Mombasa in Kenya. I had the most incredible time of my life. The volunteer placement is located in a beautiful, very safe area of the island and was walking distance from beaches which all us volunteers loved.

Mombasa itself it is a lovely place. The locals are extremely friendly and after a day you feel like you've known the coordinators and other volunteers for your whole life. Participating in the wildlife conservation was a unique experience, especially releasing them back into the wild on my last day there.

My only regret is that I didn't stay longer. Paul my Program Supervisor at GVA did an amazing job organizing the trip and getting me in contact with the local team before I left. They answered all questions quickly and provided modules to prepare for the trip and make it easier. I was nervous since it was my first trip alone, but I loved it and plan to return next summer.

The accommodation is lovely and so is the food. The beach is just a five-minute walk away, and there's a medical centre right next to the accommodation in case of an emergency.

Overall, GVA is an incredible and affordable option for people like me who love adventure and traveling with a purpose. Its indeed the best volunteer program in Kenya and Africa.

Everything was well-organized and I felt supported throughout. I felt that it was all worth the money and was by far the cheapest volunteer program out there! I would strongly advise anybody to travel with Go Volunteer Africa, especially on the Kenya wildlife project, its awesome!

By: Rich Harv
Nationality: American
Age: 0

I highly recommend this program.

I volunteered in Rwanda for 2 weeks with Go Volunteer Africa. Paul was our coordinator and he did a fabulous job with everything planning. He was very supportive and always available for help.

Before I made my decision to volunteer I managed to talk with some of the past volunteers through a connection. I received varieties of feedbacks some were very positive and some were partially positive.

But one thing I learned from all participants is that the projects associated with GVA are positive life changing and the hosts are very nice and honest. They will go out of their way to help you and make your stay smooth.

I really enjoyed my hospital experience because I got to rotate through all the different departments in the hospital on different days including surgery, pharmacy, pediatric care, primary care etc.

It was great to have this hands on experience. Since I had already traveled to Uganda and Kenya for safari, I spent the weekend volunteering with children. It was a lot of fun playing with the kids. Our host family was great.

I shared a room in the same host family with another volunteer. It was also pretty easy to navigate the bus system between the family, the school and the hospital.

By: Peter Maity
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 0

Very eye opening experience

I have been in Rwanda for one month working within the women support staff here and it has been an absolute eye opener and one which has allowed me to experience many new things. From the moment I arrived on camp I was taken away by the beauty of our surroundings- the green forest surrounding the back of the camp and our views out over the green tea farms and the surrounding areas. Stunning.

Living within a local community has also been a real eye opener, seeing their way of life and how they have adapted to live in this small paradise has been amazing- specially the way that they have allowed us to fit into their village and are willing to help us with anything we may need.

I have genuinely enjoyed every aspect of the program I have done here and I am so grateful to Go Volunteer Africa for making this arrangement. The local crew are also extremely fun to work with and the mixture of people on camp means that there is plenty to learn and never a boring moment.

I would recommend Rwanda women empowerment program to anyone, but be prepared for basic living standards! This is genuinely not a problem and I believe it has added to my experience here- but maybe bring a few luxuries from home with you!! Enjoy!

By: Rachael
Nationality: Australia
Age: 0

Go Volunteer Africa is a legit volunteer travel company

Go Volunteer Africa is a legit volunteer travel company. I’ve just got back from a project in Uganda- can’t believe how quickly it went, the whole experience was amazing and I’m gutted to be home already. I’m already missing the crew out there loads, everyone got on so well and I’ll definitely be meeting up with some of them for a night out soon. The place itself is like something out of a film- unbelievably beautiful and the weather is bloody amazing- which meant the night parties were very cool!

Even working at the school which I thought would be boring was an unexpectedly mind-blowing experience- the culture is so different from what any of us were used to but the people were legendary- really friendly and so appreciative of our work. Would definitely recommend Go Volunteer Africa and no problems in terms of organization.

By: James Park
Nationality: Germany
Age: 0

The arrangement was above and beyond my expectations

My flight was delayed which meant I would have missed my pick up with the staff and I arrived late at night. But when I got in contact with Emmanuel, he was very helpful in making sure I got a driver for the night and he made sure I make it to the volunteer house that night.

When I arrived, I was immediately welcomed by Emmanuel, the Go Volunteer Africa, Country Coordinator of the Rwanda projects. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The work we did with the women was very important and educating. We have learned a lot during our stay, and would definitely love to come back to this project.

The arrangement was above and beyond my expectations. I felt very welcomed to the group, didn’t take long to get settled. There is a very good mix of professional work and having fun. The staff clearly care about the project, are passionate and were happy to help with any of our needs.

I felt like I really contributed to the local projects which is very fulfilling. We all felt like one big family after a week or so which not only made the program life fun and enjoyable but also made everyone look out for each other and push each other to do better in the projects. It was a nice mix of work and fun.

I had an amazing time and really enjoyed this project it was a culture shock when we first arrived however we were very well informed of what to do and where to go. I recommend future volunteers make sure that you really discuss with the local teams to understand what you are going to do, to get the best out of the program.

By: Charlotte Lasster
Nationality: Sweden
Age: 0

Excellent and prompt support system in place

My name is Samantha, I have traveled to Maun in Botswana from Ontario, Canada. I took part in the wildlife conservation work for 4 weeks with Go Volunteer Africa between August and September 2019.

Being a part of this program was an incredible experience! In Maun I lived in a wild camp and I participated in various activities. I met the most amazing people throughout my 4 weeks and would do the whole thing over and over again.

Go Volunteer Africa were so speedy with responding to any concerns of mine and they sent me emails while I was in Botswana. The program was relatively cheap compared to other providers running the same program.

Excellent and prompt support system in place. Both before and during volunteer stint. Queries usually answered within a day (even Sundays). The conservation team were very friendly and flexible with program.

I highly recommend this program. Every day was an adventure to explore, my mind is full of lovely memories and I will keep them forever.

By: Sammy
Nationality: Canada
Age: 0

I got the experience I wanted

I wanted to have an international experience and combine it with an internship in Public Health. I ended up going with GVA to Uganda, Ashley at GVA arranged for me to intern with a hospital in Mukono, a lively town east of Kampala.

I had an amazing experience; they found the perfect hospital for me to work at. GVA team treated me well from the first time I ever sent them an email regarding placement positions in Africa.

I had mentioned to them that I would love to work with a pediatrician and that I also liked more surgical procedures, so they placed me in a hospital where I could shadow a pediatrician in the afternoons as well as work in the ER in the mornings.
lived with other volunteers and interns at a group house, and that was amazing. We hung out at night and on weekends. Some of them traveled together, but I went on my own with local GVA guide to see gorillas on a safari at Bwindi national park.

I was able to connect with the staff in the hospital and at the group house. The GVA coordinators in Uganda were also extremely helpful to me. Lawrence (my safari guide) would always call to check on me and would even call to simply invite me to get some coffee in the best parts of town so I could get to know the city a little better.

I truly felt they had a passion in getting people to volunteer and explore their country. I highly recommend Go Volunteer Africa to anyone with a dream to volunteer in Africa.

By: Jeish
Nationality: Czechia
Age: 0

Excellent Team

We used Go Volunteer Africa to plan our honeymoon in October 2019 for two weeks in Tanzania and Zanzibar and I must say they are the best.

We wanted to have a meaningful honeymoon with some engagement at a vulnerable children' centre in Arusha, a safari to Serengenti and honeymoon experience in Zanzibar.

We were well recieved at the airports by our guides and we got the best deals since they got us the best hotels in both countries. The activities were well planned out and they kept communication throughout our entire trip to ensure everything was running smoothly.

They made everything perfect and we would like to thank especially Paul for taking care of us and inquiries. We are definitely going to be using Go Volunteer Africa again because with them you get personalised services. Thank you GVA team for making our honeymoon in Africa memorable!!

By: Kristine Toddy
Nationality: Norway
Age: 0

It was an amazing and life changing experience to do volunteering work in Zambia!

I spent six weeks in Zambia with Go Volunteer Africa. It was an amazing and life changing experience to do volunteering work in Zambia! The host family was of great help, both during the project weeks as well as other activities in the weekends.

The overall experience was just incredible and those weeks have significantly changed my life forever. The country manager was an amazing man and he is doing an incredible job and there is nothing I can say but thank him.

He did not just continuously ask if we were fine and made everything to make us feel comfortable but also organized trips for us and even joined us on several trips so that he can ensure that we were safe.

I worked with a local school and the work was also fulfilling and it differed a lot from helping in the classroom to sports and lots of outdoor activities. It is completely up to the volunteer what he/she wants to do to support the projects.

There were two other volunteers living with me for the whole time of my stay. I can just recommend going on such an experience as it will change your life forever.

By: Sunny
Nationality: Canada
Age: 0

Very memorable experience with Go Volunteer Africa in Uganda.

Very memorable experience with Go Volunteer Africa in Uganda. As someone who volunteers quite often I must say this organization was by far the most organized and affordable.

My favorite experience of the trip was the home stay and the children we taught (I grew a little too attached to some of them!).

Advice for future volunteers would be to pack appropriately (follow the packing list they give you). Not only are they incredibly helpful in your decision making process, always responding to emails within 24 hours, they genuinely take the time to ensure the program is right for you, rather than pushing for the sell.

All the pre-booking and booking information is invaluable and gives you a real insight into what to expect from your project. This support is added to by knowledgeable and genuine advisors who have visited the project and have impressive knowledge of what to expect.

The actual projects are well selected to ensure your help is definitely needed and logistics including transport was well thought out.

Compared to several other volunteering organizations I have spoken to, GVA stand out a mile for their first class service, ethical prices and outstanding organization skills.

By: Barbara
Nationality: United States
Age: 0

A very positive experience with Go Volunteer Africa

I had a really positive experience with Go Volunteer Africa. The level of support and friendship I received from GVA staff members and fellow volunteers made this an incredibly rewarding and positive experience.

I researched a lot of organizations before I went to Kenya, some of which were cheaper and some better organized than Go Volunteer Africa, but I really wanted an organization that was part of the community.

It was such an amazing experience and I got so much more out of it than I thought, the cultural immersion, chatting with the kids, sharing meals with local families all made me feel so much more than a tourist or even a volunteer, I really felt part of the project.

I was in Kenya for 4 weeks and then traveled to Tanzania for another 2 weeks. I would recommend Go Volunteer Africa to anyone but if they do not have what you are looking for just get out there and do it you will not regret it!

By: Stuart Ball
Nationality: British
Age: 41

Our experience was excellent and rewarding

All we could say about Go Volunteer Africa is wow and thank you for making our Christmas holiday memorable and awesome! As a family, we were so confused in the beginning, we had lots of interests and we wanted to volunteer in Rwanda, see gorillas in Uganda, go to the coast in Kenya and spend some time in Zanzibar too.

We wanted to use various companies and we didn’t want to put all our eggs in one basket. Although GVA offers products and services in all the countries, we had not used it before and since its African based, we had some doubts.

We were skeptical due to the fact some offers were extremely too low-cost compared to other providers, for instance Mombasa and Zanzibar. However we gave them a benefit of doubt and decided to book the first 2 destinations with them and that is Rwanda and Uganda Safari.

Once we booked their program to Kigali. We received all information within three days and they gave us access to talk to local coordinator in Kigali who was awesome and helpful.

Our experience in Rwanda was excellent and rewarding, the challenge was the language barrier with locals who some still use French (the country has just transited to English), but my brother Allen who speaks French was always at hand to help out and our Coordinator. After the one week, we proceeded to Uganda, the road trip was one of the best, multiple stops as we requested, our guide James was also very professional and knowledgeable and this was life assuring.

Our week in Uganda was also good and full of experiences; although Rwanda seemed more organized than Uganda but it was no doubt that we wanted to travel with them to Mombsa (Kenya) at the coast and Zanzibar (Tanzania) for our sisters’ birthday.

They arranged the bus tickets for Kenya from Uganda, train trip from Nairobi city to Mombasa, arranged all our hotels, sightsee activities and we were glad to be offered a night at their guest house for free when we missed our train back to Nairobi to catch the Arusha bus. These guys are awesome- Jim and your team at Go Volunteer may God bless you.

Although we had not planned to spend a full day in Arusha, “OPP” the “GVA Man of Arusha” as he prefers to call himself, who received us in Arusha advised us to spend a day in the city and also visit Moshi town, where we got the bus to Darasalm and then Zanzibar. At every stop, these guys had someone to meet us, greet us, arrange stuff and wish us a safe trip, they are well connected throughout.

Zanzibar and Rwanda were a little more expensive than earlier anticipated, but everything went well. As a family, we highly recommend them and our parents are looking forward for their trip to Mauritius. On a personal note, I will be joining their program to Senegal next summer!

The experience we had volunteering and traveling around East Africa with Go Volunteer Africa far exceeded our expectations. Kudos!

By: Kylie Christian
Nationality: Australia
Age: 24

I recommend the program

I spent 2 weeks volunteering in Tanzania working on the childcare project. It was an incredible experience which has given me an insight into their different culture and way of life. The pre departure information was informative and helpful.

The host family was very accommodating and couldn’t have been more welcoming. The accommodation was okay you get used to the cold showers. The childcare project was very enjoyable although not what I expected.

There were a lot of volunteers which meant making friends and traveling together. I went on the weekend safari trip and Go Volunteer Africa also organized a trip to Zanzibar. This was definitely amazing and we can’t thank them enough.

I am looking forward to go back to Tanzania. I definitely recommend the program.

By: Isabella Alcaraz
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 29

We had a great trip

We participated on Go Volunteer Africa’s family volunteer and explore program in Mombasa, Kenya for 15 days and we really enjoyed our time with them.

Tim our Coordinator answered every question and request for changes very fast and patiently. So he planned the perfect program for us and volunteer guesthouse in Mombasa was really the perfect wish for our family.

Salim, our Project Manager and Guide was very professional and really knows how to care for the family with little children. Salim is very knowledgeable and friendly. We shared many life experiences and the evening beach time was so awesome.

We got involved in a coast school and we spend most of the days painting and playing sports with the school children and our kids had a great time there too. In short, we had a great trip. We would therefore heartily recommend Go Volunteer Africa.

By: Joseline
Nationality: Ireland
Age: 35

It was a life changing experience

I spent 4 weeks in Rwanda with Go Volunteer Africa and I was able to participate in different programs. Mostly teaching English to children and working with women projects. But they also have programs with sports and young men enterprises and lots of outreach activities.

It was a life changing experience and we could connect with the communities and get to know the people who live there. For me, this was the number one reason why I loved this experience.

The children's were kind and respectful, eager to learn. So the teaching was natural and easy.

I felt home in our volunteer house living with 6 other girls and two boys. We had dinner together every day and spend weekends travelling together as well. I felt welcome by the city of Musanze and Kigali and by all the Rwandans I met.

Throughout those four weeks not only did I build an individual relationship with each and every kid but I also made so many friends in the program.

Jim, the Coordinator at Go Volunteer Africa’s offices who arranged my program in Rwanda was very supportive and making sure we got the best experience. The staff in Rwanda is extremely very helpful and I am looking forward to travel with you again in Malawi.

By: Geana McKrist
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 28

Great Time in Rwanda

Musanze is an amazing place and my experience at the women’s center and with Go Volunteer Africa was incredible. It was very well organized right from the moment I signed up, Jim supported me throughout the entire experience, all of my questions were answered thoroughly and promptly and I had the experience of a lifetime.

Although I had wanted to stay in Kigali, but Jim’s offer for Musanze turned out to be the best. I stayed with a local host family for culture experience. The host mother was outstanding and really caring. The project Manager Damien helped me and the other volunteers in every aspect of our trip. He knew a lot about the area, making it easy to get around, visit the best places and shops.

During my time in Rwanda, I met a few other volunteers while I was there and we would catch up for a meal or go for swimming. GVA Rwanda is a very affordable, safe and flexible volunteering option. I would definitely recommend GVA if you are interested in a great volunteer experience in Rwanda.

By: Rebecca Pen
Nationality: Danish
Age: 32


This is a completely unethical company. I did two, one month placements with them. They retain between 50-60% of the money we pay for themselves, leaving the charities with very little to pay for living and accommodation expenses. Africa is not cheap either! They have never visited either of the countries I volunteered with, and so have no idea about the cost of living or the kind of experience you will have. What they advertise about it being a fun living environment with evening activities is completely untrue. They are taking the money and doing nothing for it. There is no support and no preparation for your arrival. The volunteer work itself is excellent, but you are much better off going directly to the charities. It is much better for you and for the charity itself. If you want to help the world, then don't give money to companies like Go Volunteer Africa, who are not trying to connect help to charities who need it, but are just trying to make as much money as they can for very little work.

By: British Traveller
Nationality: British
Age: 34

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