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Go Abroad China

Go Abroad China is an education management company that has been operational since 2003.

We promote language, internships and cultural exchange between East and West through paid internship placements, Mandarin Chinese language study and cultural immersion.

GO ABORAD CHINA offers multiple China study, travel, internship, volunteer, teach and work abroad programs. These programs help participants build relationships with native Chinese people and better understand the country's language and culture.

Located in US and China, Go Abroad China has been a leader in international culture exchange organization between western countries and China. Since 2003, more than 1000 high school students, college students, young professionals, and even elder tourists have participated in GO ABORAD CHINA programs. These programs help participants build relationships with native Chinese people and better understand the country's language and culture.

Our Staff at Go Abroad China is committed to giving the best quality programs as follows according to your interests:

Internship Programs
Learn how to conduct business and communicate fluently with the world's fastest growing economy by joining internship work in reputable companies in Beijing and Shanghai, Go Abroad China is your best Choice. As an intern, you will not only encounter new professional opportunities and challenges, but social ones too. The time you spend in China enables you to develop new relationships both in personal and professional spheres of life by participating in numerous networking events in China.

Chinese Language Study Abroad Programs
Week, month, semester, or year long sessions; either One On One tutoring, small group programs, HSK program, high school program or at one of China’s top universities such as Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU); Peking University, Tshinghua University, Jiaotong University, Fudan University and Nanjing University. Anyone interested in our Mandarin immersion or internship program, please feel free to contact us. 

Volunteer Programs
We know that one of the best ways to get to know locals and make a lasting difference is by giving back to the community. Go Abroad China Volunteer program is the very solution to bring you to enjoy your experience in most amazing destinations in China. As China rapidly develops, the need for philanthropic help has increased exponentially. Students will have the opportunity to participate in fund-raising events, volunteer at orphanages and elderly homes, or even travel to Tibet to participate in altruistic projects.

Study Tour Programs
Visit some of the worlds most famous landmarks, cultural attractions, and historic locations when study in China.

Customized Programs
Certain travelers may find this option most favorable, as there is complete freedom to choose a personal schedule, tourist attractions, excursions, activities, accommodations, etc. 

For more information about Go Abroad China Programs, please feel free to contact us.

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Go Abroad China Reviews

PR internship in Beijing

I did my internship at a Public Relations company called Storymaker in Beijing. I chose GAC because when I was searching for international internships, they are the company I first came across and it said they were the best at arranging such internships. The team was really helpful up until I got to China, the activities were also great as it was a chance to meet other people, and catch up with the ones I already met before.
During my time in Beijing, I was renting a small apartment, and I was happy to meet my neighbours and make more friends, plus it was really close to the city centre and subway line.
Beijing never sleeps! there is always a new place to go to or something to do. But I wasn't so impressed with the fashion as I thought it would be great. But at least I got to learn some "Beijing Hua"! Another thing I also enjoyed was the food - my favourite was "jianbing", its a type of pancake but fried and with lots of vegetables and sometimes meat or egg. I got to see the Ming Tombs, learnt how to use wechat and enjoyed the online shopping. I did that whenever I needed retail therapy. Overall I had the best time in Beijing! Thank you.

By: Tshidi
Nationality: UK
Age: 24

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