Gap at Glen Brook

Gap at Glen Brook is for those who see the world as it is, and want to see it changed.  For those who want to embody their values and, in so doing, change their own lives.  

For those who ask big questions that survive your attempts to answer them.  For those who are craving something more, something deeper.  For those willing to rise to the challenge of knowing and developing their inner world, and along with it the confidence to meaningfully impact the world around them.

Gap at Glen Brook is for those who wish to experience the fulfillment of a hand-made, simply-lived, purpose-driven life.  For those who want to root down into the land through wilderness connection and farming.  For those who want to learn to sustain themselves with whole foods, as well as with practical manual skills.  For those who want to feel what it can be to live in a whole community, and to be its responsible stewards.

Gap at Glen Brook does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or gender expression.  We are not a wilderness therapy program; neither therapeutic nor adjudicated youth are allowed.  



Glen brook staff is composed of educators, farmers, and homesteaders dedicated to human connection through work and play. whether working with gappers, with other groups of children and young adults, or with the plants and animals of our land, we strive to embody a sense of stewardship, compassion, and personal responsibility toward all living things.

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