Fée Rêvée

Fée Rêvée

We organise placements for young French people to go abroad in order to become au-pairs and we also arrange stays for foreign aupairs here in France too.

Fée rêvée is a non profit organisation located near Paris specialised in au pair placement.

Fée rêvée has established the Au pair rules by relying on the 24/11/1969 Au pair European agreement and local legislation for others countries

Foreign students placed in French host families come from Poland, Estonia, Spain, United States, Mexico, Italy, Deutschland, China, Colombia and Austria, etc ...

Moreover, thanks to its partnership with other agencies, Fée rêvée offers to French students Au pair placements in England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, United States, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand.

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Fée Rêvée Reviews

Demi pair in Ireland with Fée Rêvée

It was just an amazing experience. I went to Ireland, in a small city near to Dublin who’s call Greystones. I started my irish’s adventure in Yvonne Family with 2 childrens : Helena, 10 years old and Sofia, 7 years old. All was ok during one month but after one month my host mom was expecting to me that i was a cleaning lady.
After that i called Fée rêvée to explain what happening with my family and in only 3 days they finded a new family for me.

At this moment my irish’s adventure started because i had the perfect family. I kept care 3 childrens.
Ollie, 9 years old ; Lauren, 7 years old and Jessica 6 yeard old.

We had a really good complicity with girls. We played together during alls afternoon at hide and seek or outside because i was in Ireland from April to July and I had a perfect weather ! Better than in France. I came in ireland only with jumpers and big coats and i bought tee shirts and shorts because it was warm 😂

So for me it was a really nice adventures and i had a family really understanding. I met peoples from all the world. With this type of experience you grow because you’re alone, in an other country and you need to speak with people, you think about your life and you find what is really important in your life

More than this now i can speak english ! Because before to go in Ireland i had horrible english 😂

I really recommend fée rêvé, it’s a beautiful association and you’re alone in the country as you live this experience far from your family but if you have any problems they are here, trust me 😉

By: Manon Alzieu
Nationality: French
Age: 19

Au pair in New zealand

My year like au pair in new Zealand was really great, Amazing.
Fée was asking me many Time how was my life there .
Everyone was everytime ready to help.
I think about an other Travel with fée rêvée maybe !

By: Renault
Nationality: French
Age: 26

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