English Teaching Jobs in Hong Kong

Company : ESLstarter
Countries: China / Hong Kong
Duration: 6 months to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 0 to 0 £ Pound (UK)

Make a positive impact, develop transferable skills and experience life in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. Join this team of passionate English teachers!

We’re a non-profit organisation looking for enthusiastic and innovative English speakers from around the world to take up paid English teaching positions in Hong Kong. Our goal is to empower local students and break down the barriers caused by the English skills gap and we need your help.

Joining our team means that you’ll have an opportunity to directly contribute to the life and learning experience of Hong Kong students whilst being trained and supported by an experienced team. 

You’ll have a chance to develop new skills, experience a different culture and connect with a network of over 100 fellow tutors from around the world.


Dates and details

  • Start date: Orientation begins on 12 August
  • Contract: Full-time, 9 months(options to extend)
  • Salary: $16000 HKD per month
  • Paid holidays: Christmas, Lunar New Year and Easter
  • Working hours: 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday
  • Locations to teach in Hong Kong



  • Sponsored work visa (we apply on your behalf) 
  • Group arrival and airport pick-up
  • Orientation and settling in support
  • Accommodation during orientation
  • Financial and logistical help finding accommodation 
  • Training and feedback sessions provided throughout (no experience or teaching certificate required)
  • Teaching resources provided 
  • Options for career progression
  • Opportunities to work on a number of community projects outside of school
  • Career mentorship, professional development workshops and networking events
  • Pre-departure support 
  • An active social community
  • Cantonese lessons and cultural workshops
  • Welfare and emergency support



  • A university degree - any discipline
  • High English proficiency - all nationalities welcome
  • An interest in working with children, teenagers or young adults
  • A proactive and creative nature
  • Cultural sensitivity  

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