No trip should be the same. We give you the choices & flexibility to create your own adventure, so you can make it your way. And no other way.

Busabout is not your average travel company. We offer you a flexible travel network that links up 46 of the best cities and destinations in Europe. Our Hop-On Hop-Off network, European Adventures, Festivals, Music Festivals, Sailing, Island Hopping & Asian Adventures allow our guests to build their own unforgettable adventure.

Add in the company of fellow travellers and the best-in-class tour guides and you get a completely unique way of experiencing the world. By being the alternative choice we have remained dedicated to their freestyle form of travel.

Busabout is your answer to experiencing Europe in your own unique way.

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Busabout Reviews

The only way to see Europe without all the hassels...

My review is a bit late, but here I go. Busabout was a great way to experience different cities and countries without the Airport hassles.

They were consistent and I really enjoyed the guides, who were really more like friends than actual guides. I was the oldest person on the bus for about 99% of the time and I never once felt out of place.

I met a lot of fun people, had some crazy experiences and I may have gotten into a bit of mischief along the way. 😉 The bus is large, comfortable and air-conditioned. I enjoyed it so much that I kept adding legs to my trip. I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to get their feet wet in travel or even a seasoned travel vet like myself.

Countries/Cities Visited:

Paris, Amsterdam, Germany (Munich & Berlin), Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Greece (Athens, Ios, Mykonos, Paros, Santorini), Italy (Rome and Venice), Bruges Belgium.

By: Tracy Askew
Nationality: Black
Age: 0

Busabout Europe

I jumped on board a Busabout hop on hop off tour a few months ago. I have done a lot of travel, particularly around Europe as I have been living in the UK. I chose to use this style of travel as I was ron da vu'ing with a friend who was already travelling with Busabout.
I got the 3 stop pass, however as I had limited time away from work I was only able to use 2 of the stops. Due to this I found it a very expensive way to travel compared to doing it on your own.
It was also a shame that the pass was only valid til the end of season, so my 3rd stop became invalid. I was not able to sell or give the last stop to others I met along the way that needed 1 extra stop which was a shame to let it go to waste.

That being said, it was great to meet other travellers in an easy environment. For first time solo travellers it would be perfect, as it gives you the ease of flexibility and the guides give great advice on activities and suggestions around the local area.

By: Elle
Nationality: Australian
Age: 26

Amazing Experience and So Easy!!!

I had an awesome time travelling around Europe and that was a major thanks to the Busabout hop on hop off network. I was able to visit all the cities I wanted at my own pace and no stress about how I was getting there.
The guides and drivers on the coaches were also able to give an amazing insight into the cities and help orientate ourselves. I met so many like minded and friendly travellers on the coach and have made some life long friends. I recommend busabout to all my friends since coming home because it really gives you all the freedom you need but with security.

By: Belinda V
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23

It just kept getting better and better!

Me and my friends traveled in a group of 6 with Busabout (abnormally large I know!) but it was the perfect option for us. I did the 6 stop HOHO and to not have to worry about a thing, and just make sure we were where we needed to be at the right time was such a relief and made our travel experience way less stressful with a big group. It allowed us to just enjoy meeting all of the amazing globetrotters who have been on whirlwind adventures and make friends for life! It truly is a unique experience and a great way to connect with like minded people! We also did La Tomatina in Spain with Busabout which was absolutely wild and it’s fair to say our group made the experience what it was! And I can say the same for Oktoberfest! Amazing beer with amazing company! I am forever grateful for those memories and it’s all thanks to Busabout! :)

By: Sarah Grimstone
Nationality: Australian
Age: 24

Do it!

Where do we even start! Myself and my partner just got back from using Busabout Hop on Hop off around Europe over a 4 month period. We also did the Greek (Fixed) Island Hopper, Turkey Sail, Croatia Sail, Italian Adventure and Oktoberfest with Busabout as well. We highly recommend using Busabout and all the extra packages (adventures) they have available. The buses are always so clean. The guides are beyond helpful, always willing to go out of their way for you, full of information and don’t mind a good party. Busabout is perfect for first time and solo travelers. The ‘MyTrip’ online system is super easy to use to book your buses and you can also book ‘recommended’ hostel beds through as well. We would do it 100 times over if we could! Keep an eye out for us in the 2019 brochure and head to our Instagram page @girlsongaycay to see our travels using Busabout!

By: GirlsOnGaycay
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23

Must Do

In 2015 I did the Busabout hop on hop off for 3 months and met the most amazing people, learnt so much and just had the absolute time off my life. This time around I have done the Scandinavia Highlights, the Turkey Cappadocia and the Turkey Sail with Busabout and once again have had the time of my life ! It is such a flexible option for people who don’t like being restricted to a set itinerary. Everyone is like minded and all the guides are extremely knowledgeable ! Would 100% recommend to anyone considering it !

By: Emma
Nationality: Australian
Age: 24

Perfect for first time travellers or solo travellers or if you just want an easy travel

Best part is that you route is very flexible. I went peak season in Europe (July) yet the busses were only half to 3/4 full which meant I was usually very comfortable with two seats to myself.

They explain a bit about the city your going to and usually there is some excursions that you can purchase on the bus.

I recommend taking the time to visit some of the smaller stops (little squares) on the route, heard great things about many of them!

Since it’s easy and the transport is all handled for you, and It’s easy to make friends on the bus especially if you stay at the recommended accomodation, I encourage first time travellers and solo travellers to do this as it takes away a lot of stress! Still suitable for all ages anyway, single, couples, small groups... whatever

By: Jess
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23

Great trip!

I did busabout unlimited pass for 8 weeks starting in Berlin. As solo traveller I was a little nervous as I hadn’t travelled alone for a while. I had a few days in Berlin before the bus trip began and from the first bus out of the full 8 weeks I can honestly say I was only alone for maybe 5-6 of those days! I’ve met so many amazing people along the way (mainly Aussies which I loved!). Some of the bus days can be long between the mandatory overnight stops best piece of advice I have is to try and do the smaller stops even to break it up a little and they are amazing also. Unfortunately I just didn’t have time (or enough money) to do all the stops! Grunau, Swiss alps, Budapest, Barcelona and Paris were highlights for me! Grunau in Austria is an absolute MUST! It is incredible! Shout out to Amanda Thai and Shay Shay my last tour guide and bus driver who were amazing! Amanda helped me out with my travels for Vietnam which was where I was headed next! Would definitely recommend to do it in as much time as possible as 8 weeks was amazing but not enough to do smaller stops also but make sure to save save save! Only slightly negative thing I would have to say is that it would be good (where possible) to have a welcome meal in some of bigger places as a solo traveller that really helped me. Eliza arranged a meal with our bus for my first stop in Prague and it really helped and gave me chance to talk to people who were on bus as the bus can be quiet as people like to just chill out on buses. Overall an amazing trip with amazing memories!

By: Stacey Shedden
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 26

Great trip

I did Spain and Portugal with Busabout and I think it was great value for money. I would definetly travel with them again :)

By: Ruth
Nationality: Brazil
Age: 30

In-Depth Review:

My girlfriend and i are only 2 months into our 5 months of travelling with busabout and we are so pleased so far. From the ease of trusting you are gonna get from A to B, to the helpful tips and history the guides provide entering every location, we couldnt be more satisfied with our experience.

The hop on/off system at the recommended hostels has been splendid. Most of them have been satisfactory to our needs and well priced, and even when we stay at other locations, we havent had any issues travelling to and from.

The coaches are cleaned everyday by the amazing busabout drivers so you can always guarantee a fresh spotless journey. Not to mention 2 usb ports per seat, reclining chairs, aircon, tray tables and heaps of storage space.

In terms of the guides, i am yet to meet one that i dont like. They and the drivers travel day in day out on these coaches, having to take care of busloads of people whilst organising accomodations/activities, and remembering binders full of info and history on every city, yet they always crack a smile, are keen for a chat, and will answer or research any question you have. This is a detail that Is sorely missed when travelling on independant bus conpanies or eurorail.

My favourite benefit of busabout so far however, is how easy it is to meet people and form new friendships. The greatest joy of travelling is bonding with people from all walks of life, and busabout gives you a platform which ignites dialogue and promotes conversation. Ive already met so many travellers who i still stay in contact with and definitely will in the future.

In conclusion busabout is a best-of-both-worlds solution. It provides the freedom and liberty of eurorail through a reliable hop on/hop off bus system, while supplying the info, tips, and sociability that comes with set travel tours like contiki. I would highly recommend Busabout to ANYONE planning on travelling Europe

By: Daniel Dupouy
Nationality: Australian
Age: 24

First timers!

I had an amazing time on Busabout! I did most of the giant loop and loved every moment. Being a solo traveler and first time being in Europe i was a little hesitant and worried but once i met my first guide and group it was amazing. Would definitely recommend to anyone going to Europe alone and for the first time. You get a taste of all the cities and can easily change your stay with no dramas. Loved the Hop on Hop off aspect!

By: Kyrie
Nationality: Australian
Age: 25

Greek island hopper

Amazing experience!! Worth every dollar!!The Greek Island Hopper trip was very well organised and we had the best guide (Lana) who was a fabulous great story teller, fun and full of energy!!! The trip was very well planned out so much fun!! The Greek islands are so picturesque photos don’t do justice!! You must experience the beauty the Greek islands have to offer they are absolutely stunning!! I will definitely be back to see more of the beauty!

By: Tazia
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 26

Greek Island Hopper (fixed)

My fiance and I completed the Greek Island Hopper tour with a friend of ours and all three of us thoroughly enjoyed the trip. All four islands were very different which allowed us to view and experience a variety of Greek lifestyles. The free time meant we could also do our own thing for part of the trip and visit places we had planned that wasn't part of the itinerary.

Our trip wouldn't have been complete, however, if it wasn't for our fantastic and knowledgeable guide Demi (Dem). Dem was fantastic, great with all travellers, entertaining, and best of all fluent in Greek which definitely offered yet another side of authenticity to the experience.

While some of the accommodation was average, this was overshadowed by the itinerary and of course Demo's expertise as a tour guide and we would highly recommend this tour from Busabout. My partner had travelled with Continue a few times and has said there's no comparison - definitely more bang for your buck; greater value for money.

By: Tom
Nationality: Australian
Age: 30

Can I go back already?

I can't say enough about the hop on hop off offering from Busabout! It leaves you the flexibility you need but the peace of mind of always having a way around. Hands down my favorite city was Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. Originally I had only booked a few nights there, but fell in love. Because of Busabout's flexibility, I was able to change my pick up date and spend a few more days there!! I can't wait to go back to Europe some day and use this tour company again! :)

By: Alyssa
Nationality: Canada
Age: 24

Would do it again!

Busabout made life so easy! We had the best time travelling with this crew and making new friends along the way. I was travelling with my boyfriend and half of our European trip consisted of busabout and we are so glad we did it! So many memories that we will treasure and it was the best way to get around!

By: Isabelle
Nationality: Australian
Age: 25

Busabout Greece 2018

My partner and I did Busabout Greece this year and had an amazing time! The trip had lots of optional activities (I reccomend doing all of them). We covered 4 Greek Islands and I feel we really did get to experience some of the best parts of Greece! The water was amazing and our two boat trips were incredible! With Busabout you really do make the most of each day and all the accomodation we stayed in was amazing! Definetly a must do trip that I can tick off my bucket list ☺️

By: Lucy
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 21

Busabout the best of both worlds!

I have travelled with other under 30 tour companies and personally believe busabout is the best choice for those looking for flexibility but still have the option of a organised tour. I have travelled with busabout through Europe using their hop on, hop off system and their fixed tours in Scotland, Ireland and Greece. I recommend staying at all the non compulsory stops on Europe as they were truely the highlights! I have also done busabout Vietnam which was the best experience ever, as they took us to the places that most tour companies don’t go and we even stayed in a Vietnamese person house for one night and got a taste of all the Vietnamese traditions and lifestyle. You honestly get the best of both worlds as you get a tour guide and bus included but have the option to book your own accomadation and choose to wonder on your own or busabout will have organised daily tours. Tour guides are all friendly people and will recommend the best places to visit and eat. Being the age of 27 I sometimes fear that I will be on a bus full of younger travellers but have found that on busabout age does not matter and all is welcome, even if your an 80 year old person.

By: Alyvioleta
Nationality: Australian
Age: 27

Greece fixed itiniary

I did the Greece Fixed itiniary in May 2018. Greece itself was an amazing place with amazing sunsets and great local food. I was a solo traveller on this trip and have never been to Europe so I chose busabout as it had longer times on each island and wasn't so party party like the other tours. With busabout I found the accommodation wasn't the nicest but we weren't in the rooms for long so it wasn't so bad. There wasn't many tours included and had to pay for optional extras so it would of been nice to have more things included. I would r recommend this tour to those who don't know where they want to go in Greece as once you've done the tour you know which island you like and what you don't like and go back on your own. Our tour guide was amazing.

By: Tyler hogg
Nationality: Nz
Age: 24

Great for first timers!

Im still on my busabout tour & I highly recommend it for anyone that’s travelling by themselves. You’re not restricted or scheduled and you meet so many travelers in the same boat. Tour guides give you recommended excursions/tours in each city, which I loved as most people on the bus would do the same, or you can take your time and do things at your own pace. Love the flexibility and hop on hop off part. Stay at recommended hostels if you can as most people do from the bus. I met two amazing girls and we ended up travelling 5 city together and had the most amazing time!

By: Kyrie Panagopoulos
Nationality: Australian
Age: 25

Trip of a lifetime

Currently travelling with busabout and absolutely loving it, the guides are super helpful and very approachable there places to visit etc are nothing short of the best! In Lisbon atm the food is great and the weather is just as good! Me and my partner have another 9 weeks with busabout and cannot wait for what lies ahead for us 10/10 😊

By: Ash
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 23

The Amazing Cambodia

I am currently on a Busabout trip around Cambodia and so far I am blown away with the personal experience the tour leader Bo, who is actually a local, has given us. He has so many amazing suggestions for what we can do during our time in each province and has gone above and beyond to give us a true Cambodian experience. Last night we spent the evening eating dinner with a Cambodian family out in a village and sitting in on the children in the village doing an English lesson. It was a once in a life time experience and the other girls I’m travelling with got to help with the English lesson. I would 100% recommend The Cambodian Adventure to anyone.

By: Ashley
Nationality: New Zealander
Age: 25

Our Croatia Busabout Adventure

Man! Where do I even begin! 🤷‍♀️To be honest our trip feels like a life time ago, it feels like a distant memory & often like a really good dream! Every now and then I will pick up my phone and flip through our pictures and all the memories will come rushing back. We had the most amazing trip with Busabout tours, we got to see so much of Croatia, everyday we would wake up and be on our way to a new destination. The days were slow and relaxing we truly felt like we were on holiday. Swim stops were the absolute best, we would stop at random little islands and get a chance to jump off board and enjoy the crystal clear water and warm summer sun. The staff on the boat were so friendly and accommodating and really did make an effort to make sure we had the best time on board. I would highly recommend Busabout tours if you are looking at doing a Croatia Trip. I am definitely going to be back one day! Croatia has stolen my heart ❤️

By: Candice
Nationality: South African
Age: 25


I’ve only been traveling with Busabout for roughly around two weeks so far and have been absolutely loving everything about it! Booking was so easy and getting on and off of the coach definitely takes the ease out of having to take public transport; especially when you’re wanting do your own thing. Would 100% recommend to anyone traveling around Europe! Plus the crew is all so lovely!

By: Georgia Shepherd
Nationality: Australian
Age: 19

Greek island hopping fixed itinerary tour

I am extremely glad that I took the Busabout Greek island hopping fixed itinerary tour. I have never been on group tours before and this being my very first experience has been extremely wonderful. Our tour guide Mickey was amazing. I enjoyed her puns. She guided us very well throughout the journey and was readily available to answer all our queries. I also met some extremely wonderful people on this trip and have made some amazing friends for lifetime. The tour was not at all rushed and gave plenty of me time to explore each island on one’s own pace

By: Suchi Iyer
Nationality: Indian
Age: 27

Easy travelling, great people and an amazing trip!

Loved travelling with Busabout as it let me have the flexibility to travel around Europe, but also get to meet some really great people along the way. The guides and the drivers are fantastic and always ready to give you recommendations of where to eat and drink, and what you can do in the cities.
I travelled in May 2018 and had a blast!!
Easy travelling from city to city and the flexibility of staying where you want.
Highly recommend for those who want a very relaxed, flexible and reliable travel through Europe!

By: Cara
Nationality: Australian
Age: 34

Can't wait to go again

I absolutely loved my tour with Busabout, they definitely know how to pick their tour guides as mine truly made the tour worthwhile.
I will be certainly be booking again to have another equally enjoyable experience.

By: Emma Fedorowitsch
Nationality: Australian
Age: 36

Amazing & Friendly

I used busabout for the 3 month trip I did around Europe with my boyfriend. Using the ‘mytrip’ option to pick our destinations and how many nights we wanted to stay in each city was super easy! You can also ‘book a bed’ through Busabout which makes planning the trip 100% easier because all of the recommended hostels we stayed at for our trip were fanstastic, and that’s where they pick you up and drop you off at! All of the guides we had were super friendly and gave us loads of information about each of the cities we were arriving in. They give you a brochure which has all of the cities and some activites you can do (free walking tours, pub crawls, wine tours, snorkeling trips). The coaches are so spacious and clean which made the long bus drives great (plus the views were amazing). Organising this trip through busabout made everything SO much easier and if I was going to do this again through Europe I would definitely use them again and recommend them to friends and family to book through!

By: Bridgette
Nationality: Australian
Age: 18

Moroccan Encompassed

I recently did the Moroccan Encompassed tour with Busabout. It was an all round great experience and an amazing way to see some of the best parts of Morocco in a short amount of time. My tour guide was great. He was so knowledgeable. Morocco has exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to return one day!

By: Samantha
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23

Greek fixed tour : Atenhs - Mykonos - Paros - Santorini - Ios

Everything was nice and well organized enjoying the beautiful Greece!
Our guide Lana has been really nice, at the end I can only reccomend it!

By: Federico
Nationality: italian
Age: 29

Italian adventure

I really wanted to see the coast of italy. And after seeing so many photos of the amalfi coast i couldnt go to italy with out visiting that side. I wanted to do a trip that was short and in my budget. This busabout tour is definitely well worth the money. The highlights for me was definitely visiting the ancient city if Pompeii. The cherry on top was the day trip to capri. I highly recommend this trip. 😀😀

By: Androulla
Nationality: South African
Age: 24

Great way to taste and enjoy a trip

In 2016 my partner and I set off on our European trip with such a tight timeframe to travel this was the best option to get a taste of what we could in Europe. We started on the northern loop from Paris down to Munich then switching to the southern loop through Italy. The Hosts and Bus drivers were fantastic and engaging. The accommodation suggestions are great. But the best thing about this company is the flexibility to be able to change when and where you want to get on and get off.

By: Paul Robertson
Nationality: Australia
Age: 34


Brilliant tour! Would highly recommend. Me and my pal island hopped around Thailand and it was fab to hop with someone who knew the islands like the back of their hand. (Lauren was amaaaazing!) altho it was just us 2 and the tour guide (we hopped over Xmas so probs quieter),it was still an amazing experience.

By: Rachel
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 28


I’ve now done 4 trips using Busabout; Europe hop on hop off, Oktoberfest, Turkey sail and currently doing Vietnam with Cambodia to follow. They are such a great company with amazing, knowledgable guides who I’ve become great friends with. So easy to use and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to have a trip to remember :)

By: Becky
Nationality: British
Age: 25

Busabout is the easiest way to get around Europe.

Would definitely travel with busabout again! So easy to just jump on the bus in the morning, relax until your rest stop without worrying you will miss your stop, or that you will be pick pocketed while you snooze 😂 The guides give you heaps on info on your destinations, and are super approachable. I used the unlimited loops pass and stayed in the reccomended accommodation, and I couldn't fault it. Happy traveling!

By: Katie
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23

Highly reccomend

I just want to say that I had the most amazing experience last year. If it wasn't for busabout flexible loop, not only would I not have been able to see as much of Europe as I did but the guides, drivers and the whole experience was more than I could ask for. If you do the flexible loop, all I can say is stop at every spot. You really do not realise what you're in for until you get there and some of my best moments were in the cities I had never heard of

By: Kristina
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 27

2 month loop with Greek Islands & Italian Adventure

I did a 2 and a half month trip and really enjoyed utilising Busabout to get from country to country. It was a great way to meet people as a solo traveller and you were exposed to discounts on city tours and day activities. The guides were quite friendly and knowledgeable. I did the 11 day Greek Island Hopper and it was good for partying with a touch of relaxation. The Italian Adventure was fun, but next time I would do it myself (and with more time than 3 days) as we didn't seem to do anything spectacular that I couldn't have done by myself. Overall, I'd recommend it for solo travellers. Good for all ages too.

By: Clare
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23

Great way to travel for 3 months.

My partner and I had an amazing time. We followed the loop all the way are missing only a few stops. Would definitely recommend staying in some of the smaller stops. The guides were amazing and so helpful mick and jade had us a few times and were so knowledgeable about the locations. The community is great could simply meet some on the bus and end up just hanging out and seeing sites together. We also did a few of the packages like oktberfest and Italian adventure. Which took so much of the hassle out of it for us. Having the flexablity was great being able to book buses was super easy. If we liked some where we could stay longer. We have and would defenintly reconmend it to our friends and family.

By: Todd
Nationality: AUS
Age: 24

Amazing Greece and Croatian adventure!

What an experience my partner and I had on our greece and our Croatia sails! Both guides Lydia and Ryan were perfect! So informative, relaxed, easy going and so ever helpful. The trips itself was perfectly laid out! The Croatian boat was surprisingly comfortable but very relaxing. There were only a few places we stayed on the Greece trip that weren't fantastic.. but Ryan our guide made up for that. I would highly recommend busabout to anyone wanting to travel and make some new friends for life.

By: Liam
Nationality: Australian
Age: 27


I have just finished my busabout and highly recommended doing it! Makes travelling through Europe so easy and simple just stay In recommended accommodation and you're picked up and dropped off! The guides are amazing and everyone is super friendly! Try and do a whole season and make the most of Europe!

By: Abi
Nationality: English
Age: 23

Always a good trip

I've traveled with Busabout on a few adventures including Croatia Sail, Turkey Sail, and Turkey Adventure. Croatia was amazing as they had one of their guides. The Turkey ones were contracted out but still great value. Would definitely book with them again as it's a great way to meet people when traveling solo.

By: Caroline
Nationality: American
Age: 29

Classic Rhapsody Trek and Bohemian Rhapsody

We were lucky to do the last installment of the Classic Rhapsody Trek and Bohemian Rhapsody tour that took us from Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and back to Czech. It is a pity that these tours have been discontinued.

By: Alexis
Nationality: South African
Age: 36


I did the northern loop for a month over the summer and it was fantastic! It made traveling from city to city so easy and most of the time I stayed at the recommended hostel (pick up/drop off point). Also everyone I met on the bus was so friendly! I wish I went for longer, because one month was not enough time! (P.s. I recommend staying at the non compulsory stops)

By: Kate
Nationality: USA
Age: 21

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