Blink Spanish

Learn faster and save money as you EAT, SLEEP, and LIVE the immersion Spanish experience that is all about fun, pushing your personal limits, and creating new chapters in your life journey.  

Blink is not a total profit-model school like most of our competitors.  We profit share with each employee (24), house employees, and take an active interest in volunteer work and being strong members of our community.  Our social model and high wages attract the best employees, professors, and students in all of the city.

Located in Medellin’s El Poblado neighborhood (Barrio Manila), we provide a safe, familiar, and immersive Spanish learning experience.  We are surrounded by great restaurants and cafes, one block from the El Poblado police station, supermarkets, and a short walk from Parque Lleras, one of South America’s best parties.  It can be hard to study in Medellin as it is a party 7-days-a-week city.  Hostels party all night, and sleep can be hard to come by. 

At Blink every student is dedicated to making the most of their stay/learning experience and because only students are allowed to stay, you can know that Blink is a comfortable and peaceful place to study.  During the week, Blink is asleep by midnight.  Study during your weeks – enjoy the party during the weekends.

Finally, to explore Medellin you want to stay close to the metro, we are just a few blocks from the El Poblado station. Blink is a place to learn, a place to enjoy, and a place you will remember for the rest of your life.  Join us, we love what we do and we want to be a part of your Spanish-learning journey!


Why Are We The Best School in South America?

  • High Quality professors
  • Comfortable living quarters
  • Authentic Colombian meals twice per day
  • Weekly tours and dancing experiences
  • Our Spanish Immersion Includes
  • 20 hours of weekly classes
  • 4 private classes per week (4 half-hours or 2 full hours)
  • Lodging in our immersion hostel-style guesthouse in heart of El Poblado Medellin
  • 2 meals per day included
  • Weekly Medellin Tour/fieldtrip


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Blink Spanish Reviews

Best Spanish Immersion School Ever. Go Here!

Hands-down, Blink is the best Spanish immersion program you will find! Don’t look any further. Go here! I looked at over 30 schools, and as luck would have it, heard about Blink at a coffee shop. Why is it the best?
1. Blink makes Spanish easy, affordable, and fun to learn — you’ll learn how to speak, read and write properly (correct grammar, pronunciation, etc) but also learn the street lingo — dating in Spanish, slang, all the fun stuff
2. All the professors and staff are awesome. You’ll get group classes and personal one-on-one. They care about you. They’ll become your best friends and you'll learn quick.
3. Blink is a family — As a 30 year old online female entrepreneur traveling solo, I knew no-one when I arrived in Medellín. Chris, the owner, has one of the most generous and biggest hearts and he creates a vibe that is fun, hip and inclusive. Blink became my second family and is a huge reason why I stayed and studied for 5 months. And now speak conversationally fluent!
4. FUN FUN FUN. They organize salsa dancing lessons, everyone goes out together, taco Tuesday’s, Chiva bus parties, volunteer activities, you name it. Blink has the best social activities. Whether you’re 18 or 40, you’re gonna make friends and have an amazing time. You won’t want to leave!
5. One-stop-shop. You can live, eat at the AMAZING restaurant, learn Spanish and make life-long friends all in one place. I lived in both the common housing and the private apartments. You won’t get better professors, lodging + food for a better price.

I can’t say enough good things about Blink. I will always be grateful to Chris and the crew for helping me learn Spanish and giving me a life-long community. Love you guys, keep up the good work.

By: Stephanie
Nationality: United States
Age: 31

Great Time at Blink

I studied Spanish at Blink for 4 weeks and I could not have hoped for a better start of my South American trip. I really enjoyed that everybody who was staying at the hostel was also studying.

The way of teaching helped me improving a lot. Making presentations, doing rollplays and the interaction between the teacher and students, made my level of spanish go up quickly.

There is also plenty of space for fun, lots of cool activities, the partying on the weekend with your schoolmates.

Will definitely recommend Blink to everybody!

By: Sander Boet
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 26

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