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Bell Beyond

BELL Beyond English Language Learning specialises in creative, engaging and innovative English language Summer camps and theatre performances throughout Italy!

Our Summer camps facilitate and encourage learning through games, songs, creative activities such as arts & crafts and performance showcases. We aim to make English language learning fun for both tutors and students.

Here at BELL we provide an open and enjoyable learning environment in order to enhance our students' English language skills.

Our programme is heartily revolved around our ethos of EDU-TAINMENT, which is the collaboration of education and entertainment. Through activities, games, songs, dancing, acting and performance, we bring education and entertainment together to ensure high levels of fun and learning.

Our key focus at BELL is to ensure that our summer camp participants have the best possible experience! This upcoming year, we will continue to educate and inspire over 2,000 campers.

Before heading off to our summer camps, BELL will provide our tutors with extensive and skill enhancing training during our one-week training period. We will equip our tutors with all the information and tools required to have a successful and enriching summer camp experience!


We want fun, enthusiastic and energetic individuals to join us as English tutors for summer!

We are looking for bright, motivated individuals to join our team of Bell Summer Camp tutors, where English language learning is enjoyable, rewarding, and of course, fun!

Duration / Dates

Session start dates in June, July and August.

Costs / Pay

Pay: 440 Euros for completion of a two-week summer camp.

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