Bamboo is a fresh approach to adventure travel. With 14 years of experience in group tours and volunteering, we have perfected the art of combining adventure with giving-back. 

Everything we do, everywhere we go, we leave a positive footprint (have a positive impact) whilst ensuring that you have a great time.



Bamboo is the next step in independent tours and adventure travel. Our global team is dedicated to pushing boundaries and to redefine the term 'responsible tourism'. Around the world the Bamboo collective consists of the perfect mix of passionate locals and international travelers. You can read more about who we are here — meet the team. Bamboo is currently offering tours in Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Vietnam, and Costa Rica. Keep checking back for more tours coming very soon!



Just like the countries in which we operate, our projects are hand–picked. Whether you have a project–type in mind, or a particular country in mind, you can be guaranteed that we've completed our own very strict due diligence to ensure that whatever you do, wherever you go, your work is needed on projects that need you.

Choose from the various project types below:

  • Childcare
  • Community
  • Wildlife
  • Teaching
  • Development
  • Medical

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