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Back to Africa is an organisation which brings people together from different countries to make a difference in the African community by exchanging culture, training, education. 

Back to Africa Host Ltd brings people together to make difference through educational training, work experience and cultural exchanges with the African community.

We organise programmes in our projects in Kenya that can suit various skills and various budgets. Our projects are all in and around Nairobi and are available for everyone including families, groups, students, individuals and missionaries and those wanting a gap year activity etc.

Our focus is on Women and child development, community outreach programs, youth development, environmental conservation awareness, women’s empowerment & sustainable development.

We empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty by using sustainable development techniques of the creatively of art which helps to break the cycle of poverty and improve lives.

Volunteers have an opportunity to use their use skills, knowledge and experiences to make impact and positive change in Africa.

We offer a youth program through workshops and events to bring young people closer to the creative activities, sports, leadership, mentoring.

We empower the underpriviledged young people to overcome social challenges and barriers through art, music, dance, drama and fashion.

The youths develop their knowledge and skills and confidence to help them to succeed in any business.

We offer art and crafts to the young children, to further their vision and fulfil their potential, regardless of their circumstances.

We offer a women's empowerment program. We help women to transform their lives by educating them about business skills, their rights and health and wellbeing, as well as connecting them to support networks.

We offer an environmental awareness program by approaching the community issues by collecting and recycling materials and making products which brings sustainable employment and helps to keep the local environment clean.

We offer a community outreach program. We address and educate the community about child abuse, domestic voilence, teenage pregnancy, child exploitation, child marriage and how to protect children who are vulnerable. We also raise awareness on cancer, HIV and mental health in the community by providing health education and training workshops.


Duration / Dates

Our programs are open throughout 2020 and are all based in and around Nairobi, Kenya.

Costs / Pay

The cost is £549.00 per person for 21 days. Please enquire if you require a quote for a shorter period.

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