Cilicia Living is a co-living community placed by the beautiful Lake Sevan in Port Ayas, Armenia. We're a community of entrepreneurs, gap-year takers, artists and friends who live and work together on different projects - everything from business start-up to music. 


One of the projects we are working on in Cilicia Living is ARTanish and we are inviting you to come join this project. We do not demand any experience in teaching or doing art - Armenian Hakob Kojoyan has created an amazing curriculum that will guide you through the basics of art. We hope you are up for a fun challenge that will have a huge impact on the children's life. 

We will prepare each art-project together in the spirit of the Hakob Kojoyan curriculum. The lessons will be every Saturday and Sunday. We will also offer the kids a drop-in class every Wednesday. 
It is not a lot of working hours so we hope you are up for joining our boardgame nights, fun conversations, hikes, movie nights or maybe you can join our greenhouse project


You can read more about the project at - but do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!