An overview of the volunteer programs which we currently organizing are:

  • Child Day Care - Support basic child needs, Provide tutoring services, help with meals, naps, and play-time activities Design and implement new activities for children.
  • Teaching English - English teaching opportunity for college students, gap year students, and adults looking to make an immediate difference. No previous English teaching experience needed.
  • Manual labour programs - Help paint homes, support basic construction tasks. Your manual labour assistance will allow local residents to pursue projects that they’ve been waiting to accomplish for years. Working with locals in their respective orchards.
  • Teach Computer Classes - to help local residents gain the necessary Information Technology skills that are needed today, in all walks of life.


What we offer volunteers:

  • A comfortable homestay at the beautiful cottage located in the scenic location in the middle of our Apple Orchard.
  • The cottage has clean room and toilets with 24 hr warm water supply.
  • All meals (vegetarian & Non Vegetarian) served at the cottage
  • The cottage has Living room, Dinning Room and 4 bedrooms which can accommodate 2 Adults each.
  • 2 guided local excursion trips.
  • In case the volunteer program is over 3 kms from the cottage we shall offer local cab service for Pick and drop. We encourage the volunteers that they should explore the The valley more on foot and interact with the local community Who are quite friendly and who love to exchange friendly conservation over a cup of tea with the volunteers


About the village:

Kotgarh Kotgarh is a small hamlet where apple farming is the main industry. It is located on the Old Silk route to China. 


Getting there:

Distance from Delhi – 480 kms Distance from Shimla – 80 kms Mode Of Transport:

  1. Overnight Bus from Delhi till Shimla and ahead by Taxi or bus.
  2. Overnight Train Journey to Kalka and then ahead to Kotgarh in a Taxi.
  3. In case a direct Taxi is required from Delhi to Kotgarh that can also be arranged minimum travelers 2.



  • Summer Months – Day temperature ranges between 18 - 24 Degrees Celsius. – Night temperature ranges between 8 - 10 Degrees Celsius.
  • Winter Months – Day temperature ranges between 10 - 14 Degrees Celsius. – Night temperature ranges between 0 - 5 Degrees Celsius. Most of the other months the temperature remains nice and pleasant.
  • Altitude of Kotgarh – 7500 feet above sea level.


Languages spoken:

  • Local Pahadi, Hindi and English