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Aii Group

Asia's leading volunteer travel experience agency to provide meaningful experiences abroad.

We are trying to help the needy communities and social projects by providing International Volunteers and Interns.

We have programs where volunteers are much needed. We also offer Social Develpment and Commercial Internships. Apart from Volunteering Abroad and International Internships we offer Study Abroad Programs, Language Learning Programs, High School Exchange, Travel, Yoga, Meditation and much more

We have following opportunities for you:

Volunteering Projects

12 Solo and 4 group volunteering programs to serve to community and for the social development. Volunteers are much needed on our projects to come and help us in making the object of serving to the society successful. Join us on our projects and make an impact. Volunteering in India, Volunteering in Nepal and Volunteering in Thailand with us and some more locations would be live soon where volunteering in needed and your efforts would benefit someone for sure.

International Internships

Choose from 26 fields including Medical Internships, Marketing Internships, Journalism Internships, Hospitality Internships, Internships in Travel & tourism etc. We also have social development internships for you. You will get International Internship certificate after completion of your internship successfully.

Travel & Excursions

Come and explore India & Sub-Continents with a group and you can also make a combination of doing Volunteering and tourism together which is termed as voluntourism. Explore the places from Great Taj Mahal to Mount Everest in Nepal. We have the best travel combination programs for you.

Lot more to explore:

Yoga workshop, Meditation workshop, Fitness workshop, Festival celebration and lot more that we have for you. Be a part of Aii Group as a participant for great opportunity. 

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Aii Group Reviews

Extraordinary experience!

I booked a 4 weeks volunteer program in Jaipur and chose to work with the children of small age group like 3-7 years of mixed genders. I was working at a daycare center and the local team helped me in project planning, buying materials and organizing events for the children. It was an amazing time with them until I left for thailand.

We had a lot of fun while learning hindu language and leopard safari was so exciting as we saw free leopards. My favorite part was wearing saree with the help of my host mom. I am gonna miss you all.

By: Sarah
Nationality: United States
Age: 0

I loved how they help you

I applied for a childcare volunteer project in India for 4 weeks in Jan 2019. The support provided by Rahul was awesome since I applied to the day I left India. We did a lot of activities like yoga and learned useful Hindi words and sentences that I used on my project to communicate to the children (as they can understand only Hindi).

My weekend trips were planned and organized by them only and it was quite relaxing, safe, and cheap as compared to other options I explored. I made lifelong friends with them. I totally recommend the programs and them. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and the experience I had. See you soon ;)

By: Johanna
Nationality: USA
Age: 0

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