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Ahpla Institute (Originally Center of Linguistic Study) was founded in 1986 by José Luis Fonseca in Mexico City. 

The foundation of AHPLA surged with the objective to provide an answer to the necessary business & executive linguistic services of the country. Throughout the years, AHPLA has amplified the gamma of its services offered, as much as in the field of language courses as in the areas of translation & interpreting services. Currently all the divisions of AHPLA include languages from every continent: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, to name a few.

We are a team of professional instructors, translators and interpreters from all over the world, of various ages with different work experiences. We most definitely are looking for educated, intelligent, fluent speakers of English, Spanish and other common languages who work well as part of a team, have a flexible attitude, and are open to new ideas. Experience is naturally an advantage and a business background is also useful. 


You – the AHPLA Teacher

In the teaching field, we offer global and business English courses to executives, Spanish instruction to foreigners, Chinese, French, Portuguese and occasionally German courses. Our classes are held at various locations throughout Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara at all levels ranging from basic to advanced and beyond including courses tailored to suit individual and business needs. In order to fit in with the executive’s working day, classes are almost exclusively early morning (7 – 9 am or so) and late afternoon (5 – 7 pm or so).

We put all new instructors through an orientation and training course. We firmly believe that we must continue to provide them with resources and fully support them throughout their classes with us. 

We expect a minimum of 6 months commitment from our instructors and in return offer a competitive and guaranteed rate of pay on established dates as well as a bi-annual bonus plan, a minimum of one week’s paid vacation at Christmas or Easter.


You – the AHPLA Translator and Interpreter

By joining our team as a translator or interpreter you will be part of the most prestigious group of professionals in the American continent. The requirements in terms of areas of expertise include the use of CAT tools, a degree or courses in the field, and both common and very specialized vocabulary. Our translators write in their mother tongue (target language), and our interpreters express themselves verbally in their first language.  

Although the AHPLA commitment with our translators and interpreters is based on a by-project basis, typically we establish long-term business relationships. We offer a guaranteed and competitive rate.


How to Apply

So, if you have the personality, the experience and willingness to work hard as a member of a dynamic and cosmopolitan team in our company contact us via e-mail:

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