Volunteering on the Shamwari Conservation Experience will give you an insight into the background work that goes into running a private game reserve in today's South Africa.

Shamwari is a modern conservation success story. The sub-tropical thicket of this part of South Africa's rich diversity having been re-stocked with the native wildlife that would have once inhabited it. Not only is this large protected game reserve once again a haven for wildlife but it now also provides guests with a tranquil wilderness retreat where they can unwind in harmony with nature and experience what this area would have been like before the settlers arrived.

This re-introduced native wildlife needs to be carefully looked after and this project will offer first-hand experience of what it takes to do just that – showing you how the conservation of wildlife, fauna and flora can be achieved through Eco Tourism. Without the assistance from participants underpinning this world-leading conservation effort, the past, present and future achievements would simply not be sustainable and viable.


What Will You Do? 

Your time on Shamwari will depend on what needs to be done at the time you are with us. Your experience and volunteering activities will be very broad and cover a wide spectrum of conservation related duties for the reserve. It is hands-on and physical (but rewarding) and sometimes research-based. 

It is difficult to list everything you will do - but here is a taster of the activities you can expect to partake in:

  • Game Monitoring
  • Game Count
  • Telemetry Tracking
  • Restoration & Rehabilitation of Reserve Landscapes 
  • Management of Breeding Center
  • Research Projects
  • Alien Plant Control
  • Plus many others including some fun activities on occasions such as bush sleep-outs.