Take the FGASA exams or simply enjoy your 2 months in the African bush experiencing and learning about its beauty and abundant wildlife - this is a great bush adventure.

Accommodation facilities and game reserves are truly authentic, with as little clutter to dilute the relationship between nature and learners as possible.

While learners are at the camps, we want them to co-exist in the environment, when sleeping we want them to hear elephants browsing on leaves and night-jars call right outside the tents at night. It is all about the bush.

The course is structured to maximize the practical experience of our learners in the bush. Each day allows for hours of time spent in the field interpreting the ecology and enjoying a wildlife experience. Activities alternate between walks and driving. Lecture time follows after brunch, which involves topical instruction (lectures) and discussion on the subject of the day (see list below). This is followed by time for self study for the learners.

Learner participation in the care of the camp, equipment and vehicle will be expected. Learners will be expected to pay attention to the needs of fellow learners and to work in teams at times.