The most important activities we are involving on 2012 is the project "I Care for..."; the international volunteer camps are an opportunity for people to enjoy in days full of activities, events, meetings – in several extraordinary places, because of cultural and natural values preserved in their territories and because they are representatives of the common European culture.

We want to take care of these places and to help their promotion, together with local communities, because we want to give our little contribution to take care of the world. Camps are open to participation of youth, adults, families, singles... During the year 2012 it will be realized 4 different camps in 4 different Countries: Drežnik Grad in Croatia (22-30 June), Počitelj in Bosnia and Herzegovina (05-13 July), Bač in Serbia (18-26 July) and Villanova delle Grotte–Tarcento in Italy (27 Aug-04 Sep).

During the camp You will enjoy not only working together in simple concrete volontary services, taking care of local natural and cultural values, but You will have times for sightseeings of surroundings, for public cultural events about the role of Culture in the sustainable development of rural areas, for meetings with citizens and local associations – our partners in the project. Looking into the specific camp-programs You will discover all the possibilities that each of Camps offers to You within one intense, unforgettable week.

The project is indipendent and totally self-funded by participants contributions and volontary services of all partners.