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Make Movies. Change the world.

Actuality Abroad helps impact-driven storytellers get the training, experience and support they need to travel the world and tell stories that matter.

Our documentary travel experiences explore nonfiction mediamaking, ethical storytelling and responsible travel. In each destination, we partner with local changemakers and co-create media content that amplifies their work. Together, we learn how to tell better stories about real life around the world.

We believe in telling stories that matter. We do this by partnering with individuals and organizations who are positively impacting their communities, and make a short documentary about their efforts. Use your skills and experience on a crew that will tell the story of a changemaker doing good work in their community. Join us this summer for the adventure of a lifetime!



Calling all filmmakers! How would you like to make a positive change abroad this summer? Or are you a traveler interested in learning visual storytelling techniques using media? This summer you could create a short documentary film with us in Thailand, Colombia, Guatemala or Morocco!

Crew positions include: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, and Editor. You may mention which position(s) that you are interested in on your application. 

We work with local changemakers in developing countries who are making a positive change in their community. Our month-long program involves researching, writing, filming, and editing a video about their work. The finished product will help the changemaker gain worldwide attention, volunteers and possibly grants. Once films are finished, there will be a premiere screening in the community.

Actuality Media provides professional camera gear and sound equipment to each crew. Your crew will need to creatively develop art, grip, and lighting tools from items around the city or at Base Camp.

Crew members will collaborate on administrative, technical, and creative duties. There will also be a Project Coordinator to oversee the post-production workflow including graphics, titles, music, and sound. Adobe Premiere editing software will be available for each crew during editing week.

If you're interested in getting academic credit, please meet with your advisor and contact us for more information.

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