Whether it's the privacy you are attracted to or that you are a sailing enthusiast, a yacht is a big dream. It is also a dream that is fulfilled only by a few lucky ones.  

It's certainly an exciting venture. And if it is your dream to sail your own yacht, it doesn’t have to stay just a dream. 

Despite the exhilarating fun of living on a yacht, many don’t have the income needed to purchase a yacht. But there are ways to experience the yacht life within an affordable budget - for everyone.  


Yacht Charters Let You Live the Dream

In these cases, there's always the option of chartering a yacht.

Yes, it can seem daunting, especially if it is your first time chartering a yacht. However, that shouldn’t stop you from your dreams. 

With a yacht charter, you can enjoy the rich, exclusive yacht experience without dropping millions on it. 

The very height of luxury, a yacht is a great alternative to the normal boring vacation. It can also open you up to a world of excitement and luxury on the high seas. 

How luxurious? Well, you name it.  

Ultra-luxury amenities, a crew that serves your every need, gourmet dining. It's all there, surrounded by complete privacy.  

Chartering a yacht is easily the most fun to have on the sea. You can plan on throwing a party with friends or enjoy a more laid back ocean experience. 

Regardless, sailing through the waters with the warmth and sun on your back is an experience unlike any. 

Talking about that, you decide where to go. If you have your sailing license, you can always take the wheel. Otherwise, you will have a professional captain and crew ready to set sail wherever you decide.  


Reasons to Charter a Yacht

A yacht charter is a unique approach to a vacation centered around the water. It combines the excitement of a boat trip with the luxury of a five-star resort, making it all a unique experience.  

Think of a yacht as a floating hotel that can move to any location you want. You then begin to understand why it is so appealing.  

Instead of staying in a single villa, you enjoy a stay while simultaneously traveling. It's like a cruise but just for you. 

Other than the new experiences, a yacht charter provides unbeatable privacy. It gives you physical separation from the land. You can also choose secluded anchorages, hidden beaches, and uninhabited islands. 

Many charters today prioritize privacy with discreet service routes and small crews. Discreet service routes mean your crew can serve you without getting in the way.

Keep reading for a few reasons why yacht charters are so appealing. 

Unparalleled Freedom

A yacht offers you a chance to escape the crowd and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. You still get to enjoy unique signs and the company of friends and family.  

A traditional hotel restricts where you can go. With a yacht though, you can go everywhere you want and dock at any port you wish in a hundreds of mile radius.  

Of course, fueling will be an extra cost on top of the yacht charter. However, the only real boundaries you have are your imagination and any local laws. 

How you will be vacationing and where you will be vacationing is all up to you. This is a curated, bespoke experience that no other water vacation such as a cruise can match up to.  

Enjoy fishing, go scuba diving, visit new cities and ports or simply enjoy the sun. You will be surrounded by luxury all the while. 


Luxury Amenities

Yachts are more than just a boat. A yacht can have swimming pools, saunas, kitchens, spa rooms and even smaller boats for day activities. The higher your budget, the bigger your yacht could be and the more amenities you can enjoy. 


Personalized Experience 

Most, if not all yacht charters come with a chef, cleaning crew, captain and his crew. Instead of serving a set menu, the chef can customize meals to fit your mood or palate.  Meanwhile, the captain and his crew ensure the yacht keeps running so you can enjoy the yacht life. You could also use your charter vacation as a learning experience.

Many yacht crews now offer diving lessons, sailing lessons and more. What better way to learn diving than around a beautiful shipwreck? Other classes include yoga classes, fitness experiences and fishing charters in secluded waters. Many yachts also offer complimentary classes so keep an eye out when booking. They also allow you to tailor your experience.

If you are going with family, you can enjoy a more family friendly experience. Outdoor type of person? Diving and water sports may be what you are looking for. 


Water Activities

Kayaks to sea bobs, paddleboard, jet skis and yacht tenders. Yachts today come with a range of equipment designed to ensure you enjoy the ultimate water adventure.  


Test the Waters Before Purchase 

A yacht charter is a great way to find out if a yacht purchase is worth it. By trying yachts of all sizes and shapes, you get a better feel of what to expect. 

It is common for experienced yacht owners to charter first. They can then better decide on what they must have and what's best for their needs. Everybody wins; you do your research and enjoy a great holiday.