There are so many destinations where you can sample some really delicious cuisine, and in this article we hope to inspire you for where to go.

Some dishes are local and aren't found in other cities or places around the world, whilst some can be ordered online and delivered stright to your door.

If you love to travel to different destinations to try out fantastic local cuisines, you have come to the right place. Check out our list of 11 dishes that you really need to sample.


1. Napoletana Style Pizza – Italy

So, you must have heard of at least one joke or seen a meme about an Italian chef or cook making and talking about authentic pizza. Well, it's true in this case, as this soft fluffy base pizza cooked in a wood oven full on top with mozzarella, tomato sauce, and Basel is unforgettable.

These pizzas originated in Naples, and we think you should travel to the birthplace of these pizzas and enjoy their local cuisine even if you can find this variant in most major cities.


2. Russian Roast – Russia 

The first mention of this dish dates back to the reign of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. At that time, the roast was served second after the traditional soup.

The essence of the dish is easily captured by the name, it is simmered in the oven for several hours. Any fatty pieces of meat are excellent for this purpose, which are complemented by potatoes cut into large pieces.

By the way, Russian roast is the only dish awarded the title of nobility. It received it thanks to the admiration of the English king Charles II. He was so impressed with the taste of the roast beef that he immediately rewarded him with a high title right at the table.

If this has got your taste buds interested, you might want to order Russian food on nicelocal.


3. Som Tam – Thailand

Som Tam is a savory salad you can find mainly in Thai coastal cities. This is one of the must try foods in Thailand, full of chilies and garlic, including mortar and pestle. Some locals mix it with tamarind juice, tomatoes, string beans, and a few chunks of dried shrimp. Further variations may include a crab called Som Tab Boo or sometimes tasty, fermented fish with grated green papaya called the Som Tam Plah Lah. All have fantastic taste and gradients, but none comes close to the original Som Tam in our books.


3. Caramel Wafers – Amsterdam

These wafers are as savory as they sound and are definitely a dish to try out once you are in Amsterdam. Stroopwafels are caramel filled between baked dough Waffles sprinkled tine marshmallows, one of the most popular treats when you are in the brownie, both figuratively and literally, city of Europe. You can find them in shops and online, but the freshness and taste of freshly made top them all day.


5. Kaesespaetzle – Germany

Home-made German pasta with cheese makes Spaetzle a warm gooey meal and a must-have for food travelers. The dish's richness comes from the pasta-like dumplings that are a staple for this dish filled with cheese. You might find them available across major german cities pre-made, but we recommend getting them made fresh in a good restaurant.


6. Vegan Gyros – Greece

So if you are traveling to Greece, while most people will try Gyros, which are filled with grilled meat and then rolled in bread wrap full of veggies, there are Vegan options o this dish if you are on that side. So you can find Vegan Beat in the south of Athens, which is Gyros' Vegan version. These are made from either tofu, mushroom, and beans or a mix of these three.


7. Empanadas – Argentina

Well, you could say that these are either dumplings or samosas, but hear us out, these pocket-filled doughs are best if eaten in Argentina with different fillings, but their sauce and spices make them the best. Outside, they are crispy and warm while filled with onions, potato, and sometimes ground beef. Typically used as a casual treat or side lunch when you are in a hurry.


8. Chicken Parm – Australia

In the land down under, you can find these chicken fillets sprinkled with mozzarella cheese, melted parmesan, and peppery, savory tomato sauce all over Sidney. Pubgoers and night crawlers claim that this dish is as Australian as Italians claim it is Italian cuisine.


9. Leche de Tigre – Peru

What a fantastic dish that is full of savory tastes. You will love all the unique flavors of Peru coming together but in a glass. What's funnier is that these servings are juices left over from making Ceviche. This drink of sorts is prepared after the fish is marinated with chilies, onions, lime juice, and spices. Some will even add shrimp to the glass, which may sound insanely weird, but you definitely should try this when you are in Peru.


10. Maple Syrup Pancakes – Canada

We don't usually say you should try out the blood of certain nationalities of the world, but we all know Canadians love their maple syrup. Pancakes without maple syrup in Canada are a travesty, and they should be so. Nonetheless, Maple Syrup makes everything tasty; no wonder they love it.


11. Marmite Buttered Toast – UK

Well, this is an acquired taste taste, and the UK love their toast so much that they made this yeast-extracted grill bread added with a layer of marmalade into a treat. Did we mention it's full of butter? Salty, tangy, and sour with a tinge of marmalade, what’s not to love?