Christmas makes everyone feel more festive, especially at work when if you have a party to look forward to.

Setting a budget, picking a location, choosing a restaurant and a theme are some of the things you need to consider. But what’s next? Brainstorming work Christmas party ideas will help you to get a diverse list of entertaining activities. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to ensure everyone will feel great during the event, and start planning the most amazing Christmas party today.

We have put together a guide with some unique and special activities - which will hopefully provide that special twist that everyone can enjoy.


1. Mysterious Games

Traditional board games aren’t the only solution to get the holiday spirit in your office. The latest trend is to opt for a mysterious crime scene and make your guests play the role of Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes and discover the culprit.

Bring your co-workers into a realm of intrigue and adrenaline as they collaborate to uncover a serial killer, a non-so-innocent brother of the victim, or any other character you set in this performance.

Whether you take an active part or just witness this entertainment, it is a wonderful feeling to see and feel how the night unfolds with laughter, quizzes, random guesses, twists, and clues.


2. Create a Magic Show with Professionals

What is a better option to add a touch of miracle and excitement to your holiday celebration than to hire a seasoned and talented magician? If you think that their professionalism comes down to taking a rabbit from the hat, you’ve missed a lot of what’s going on in this industry.

It is always amazing to explore how divergent and varied these illusions and tricks can be. Modern magicians can present personalised performance programs to cater to the needs of the target audience. These professionals can not only show amusing aspects of how ambiguous reality is but also engage the audience in their performances.


3. Enchanting Caricaturist Services

You don’t need to invite a circus troupe with clowns to make your event more exquisite in bringing humour and laughter. It is a win-win plan, letting you engage your guests in something they have probably never done before.

Besides, it is a good reflection of your team’s life and the unique bonds between its different members. Of course, don’t forget about the surprises this experience promises — memorable souvenirs and keepsakes from your colleagues.


4. Cocktail Masterclasses

By inviting a professional bartender or mixologist, you will certainly spice up the event. It is one of those rare cases when the chosen activity satisfies the needs of any participant. You don’t have to drink alcohol to mix ingredients and try a refreshing beverage people adore in another country.

Aside from tasting cocktails, you will also get a deeper insight into the story of traditional martinis, negronis, and so on. It is a wonderful opportunity to broaden your outlook and have a few hints to impress audiences at other parties in the future — this type of knowledge will come in handy for sure. To summarize, it is a stunning idea for any event:

  • theme enhancement;
  • excellent icebreakers at your disposal;
  • memorable experience;
  • efficiency;
  • variety of gourmet delicacies, etc.


5. Hire a Photo Booth

Another universal idea is to get a photo booth. Making memories in real-time isn’t less important than obtaining multifunctional tokens of those moments to refer to later on. With colourful and bright shots photo booths can offer here and now, you are completely backed up.

What’s more, there is a vast number of photo booth types to choose from, which can make your evening even more amazing. It won’t be difficult to find the right software and props to contribute to the chosen theme of the party. The list of options includes selfie pods, retro booths, and modern mirror ones, to highlight a few.


6. Street Food Van

Don’t forget about the food menu — invite your colleagues to a worldwide gastronomic food. Whether they lead a healthy diet, don’t eat meat, or adore sweets a lot, you can always find mouth-watering recipes to try. Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and other cuisines do stand out with their street food delicacies, especially when you spend time with others at Christmas office celebrations.


Start Planning Your Christmas Party Today

Being a host or a co-host of a Christmas office party is not a hassle-free task — you have to consider several aspects for it to rock and please everyone.

Nevertheless, with the ideas presented in this guide, you will ensure your guests will have fun, exciting moments, and memories of something cozier happening in their working space than discussing or even arguing about projects and deadlines.

Enjoy your Christmas celebration to the fullest extent!