Teens and young adults are needed to offer assistance at many local businesses and there are hundreds of volunteer opportunities.

By engaging with the community and taking part in local events, the youth in Vegas have a great chance to experience city life while offering their help to create a thriving community.

There are many benefits to being a volunteer in Vegas and while these positions will not offer monetary rewards, personal gratification and knowing one is helping a community thrive is often payment enough.


Volunteering in Nevada

Service is essential to all communities and it connects people, helps the economy, improves lives and solves problems.

There are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the state of Nevada and each opportunity creates the chance to strengthen a community and form a bond.

Unfortunately, Nevada has been at the bottom of the list in terms of states in the country that have volunteers. Volunteering is much more than simply donating time. It can actually help with resume building for those that are seeking jobs and it will provide a sense of self-worth.

Throughout the state, there are hundreds of volunteer opportunities, many of which are with non-profit organizations. These organizations need assistance to accomplish missions and meet goals, so volunteers are crucial to their success.

There are a number of volunteer opportunities through Tax-Aide and Driver Safety and there is also the AARP Nevada State office that has a number of unique volunteer positions. State parks, animal rescue sites, food pantries, churches and youth services are all services that can benefit from volunteers.

For those that are interested in becoming active in a local community, there are many resources and Nevada organizations that can provide amazing volunteer experiences.


Why Las Vegas

Why you should volunteer in Las Vegas

There are many reasons for people to choose Vegas as their volunteer destination. The city is loaded with opportunity and there are always ways to help the community and local business. Vegas has so much to offer and anyone that wishes to volunteer time and services will find perfect opportunities.

The entertainment industry is booming in Vegas, so there are always ways to get involved. Young volunteers are needed now more than ever, especially when it comes to volunteering where a physical aptitude or skill can be used.

There are even opportunities in the many casinos that are found along the Vegas strip. While casinos will not allow anyone under the age of 18 to volunteer, there are plenty of other opportunities at shelters, Red Cross locations, homeless locations, state and local agencies and so much more.

Most people think of Vegas and immediately think of gambling. Even those who have never set foot in Vegas will know all about the thrills of casino games and the excitement they can bring.

Aside from the gambling industry, Vegas is home to many other forms of business and so many of these are in need of quality volunteers who are looking to make a difference in the lives of others and to build a strong community.


The Benefits of Being a Volunteer

Volunteering has many amazing benefits. It not only aides the community, but also offers benefits to the individual volunteering as well as family members.

When the right volunteer opportunity arises, it can help to reduce stress levels, provide a sense of self-worth, can create the chance to build friendships and bonds with others who have similar interests and can even be used to advance a career by gaining hands-on experience.

The act of giving to others will also help with mental health.

Mental stimulation is what keeps us all going and when volunteering, one will always be stimulated and can even use a volunteer experience to help battle depression or anxiety.

It will not require a long-term commitment. In fact, short bouts of volunteering at numerous locations can provide even more benefits. It will provide a chance to learn different industries, pick up various skills, meet different people and make an individual feel part of their community.

A Social Science and Medicine study has revealed that people who volunteer are generally happier than those that do not. The odds of being happy increased by 7% among those that volunteer on a monthly basis and as high as 12% for those that volunteer more often.


How to Get Involved

Getting involved is pretty simple. First one must determine what they would like to do and what types of people they wish to work with.

They will also want to know whether they wish to work alone or as a team and will have to have an idea of how much time they wish to offer. Having certain skills will make it easier to find a volunteer position in a certain trade.

In Nevada, there are many resources available for those that wish to volunteer and a quick and simple online search will reveal many organizations that are eagerly accepting new volunteers.


Organizations Looking for Help

In Las Vegas, there are many great non-profit organizations that are always looking to take on new volunteers.

These are often community service programs, but they can offer an amazing and fulfilling experience and can even offer the chance to gain skills for job promotions or placement. Some of the top-rated organizations worth considering include:

  • Clean the World
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Las Vegas Rescue Mission
  • Three Square Food Banks
  • Partnership for Homeless Youth
  • Vegas Roots Community Garden
  • United Way
  • Operation H.O.P.E.

These are just a few of the great opportunities for volunteers and they can all provide a rewarding experience that will truly enrich the lives of the volunteers and will offer great benefits to the Vegas community.


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