There are many places in the UK's capital that offer incredible panoramic skyline views which are perfect to grab that perfect Instagram photo.

Check out our list of places where you can really appreciate the London skyline and scenery, most of which are free or low-cost.


Places With The Best Views Of London

Here are our top recommendations to see this famous skyline...


1. Sky Garden

The Sky Garden (the main feature photo of this article) is located on Fenchurch Street in a building nicknamed the Walkie Talkie. This venue is one of the lesser-known tourist destinations even to Londoners, and the best thing is it is completely free.

The Sky Garden has a top rated restaurant, bars, trees, plants, vegatation and also a balcony with spectacular skyline views. This is a great location for a romantic date in London or just to get to see the city from a different ange.

You need to book the free tickets in-advance online and you will get a specific date and time to visit.


2. London Eye

London Eye view

One of the most famous attractions is the London Eye that is found in the heart of the capital close to many other popular sights.

The London Eye offers stunning views of the historic Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Tourists love the London Eye and there are pods that can be made available for private hire too to celebrate important occasions.

The ride takes around 30 minutes where you can enjoy the skyline views in glass capsules.

If you are sightseeing for the first time and only have a short time e.g. 2 days in London, then the London Eye should definately be on your itinerary.


3. O2 Arena

London o2 Arena

Another famous attraction in the capital is the O2 Arena.

As well as being one of the best places to see llive music events there is a walk you can do over the top of the Arena. You will have 90-minute walk over roof and get to take in the views including the River Thames, Canary Wharf and the Olympic Park.

These panoramic views and the experience as a whole is one of the most popular activites in London.


4. Monument

The Monument is a superb attraction where tourists get to learn a little history and climb their way up to a rewarding height.

This bird’s eye view is spectacular after travellers walk up the 311 steps to the top of the building. They get to see a wonderful view of Tower Bridge and across the city of London. Another historic place to visit is St Paul’s Cathedral that has more than 500 steps to its Golden Gallery, which offers amazing views.


5. The Shard

London skyline Shard

Another fabulous place to see London at its very best is the popular Shard attraction which towers over the London skyline. 

The Shard is located in London Bridge and at 309.6 metres (1,016 ft) is London's and Europe's tallest building.

London Shard viewing platform

There is a viewing platform and also various bars and restaurants where you can see London both day and night. 

London night Shard view


6. Parks

Primrose Hil

One of the things to know before visiting London is there are numerous parks which provide a great space to see over Central London.

Must visit places include Hyde Park but for views we recommend Primrose Hill (pictured above), Hamstead Heath or Grenwich Park. All are free and the perfect way to enjoy a sunny day in London.


7. IFS Cable Car

London cable car

The IFS Cable Car is an excellent activity to do in London on a budget where you can see panoramic views of the city for just the price of an Oyster card ride.

This cable car is very popular and offers a ten minute ride across the River Thames. A unique way to see the city is by heading to the Tower Bridge Exhibition where tourists can walk across the glass floor and experience gorgeous scenery from the high walkways.

This is an ideal destination to venture to with children as it provides a captivating day out where tourists can learn about this famous structure. There are Victorian engine rooms that are definitely worth visiting at this sight. 


Plan a Scenic Day or Night Out in London

London is a beautiful green city and one of the most popular places to visit in the UK. At both day and night there are lots of places you can visit for amazing views over the city, and hopefuly our guide has highlighted some of the best places to go.