You can achieve that by getting a cute travel backpack to complete your outfit and make the photos of your travel adventure fun and one-of-a-kind. 

But where do you get cute backpacks for travel? There are so many options available for you. This post will narrow down the list to give you an easier time. Read on. 

And once you already have your cute backpack, it's time to load it with your travel essentials and go to the next travel destination on your list, possibly the beautiful islands of Thailand, or beyond. 

Here are our tips where to buy cute travel backpacks for your next adventure.


1. Personalized Backpacks

Custom backpack stores offer personalized backpacks to their clientele. They provide various customization options. You can add monograms, names, logos, or any custom design you like. Many of them offer different backpack styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. This makes your backpack unique and makes it stand out from the crowd. 

For an extra cute touch, consider a personalized backpack with a custom message or image. You can purchase full grain leather mini backpacks from Von Baer. Custom backpack stores can be found online and in brick-and-mortar stores. 


Bella Backpack from Von Baer 


2. Online Retailers 

Many online retailers specialize in travel backpacks. Simply go to your favorite e-commerce store and search for 'cute travel backpacks,' and hundreds, if not thousands, of products and stores will appear. 

Many people prefer shopping online because of the convenience it offers. You can choose what you like, complete your purchase, and wait for the product's delivery to your doorstep. Just check reviews so you know you're getting a high-quality product. And more importantly, check the return policies to enable you to replace the product if it doesn't meet your preference and liking.  


3. Outdoor Gear Retailers 

Outdoor gear retailers make high-quality, durable, and functional gear like shoes and backpacks for outdoor adventures and sports activities. Most of them have a line to cater to those looking for stylish and cute options. The backpacks these companies offer combine function and aesthetics, so you know you won't only be getting eye candy but will also serve a practical purpose.  


4. Department Stores 

If you prefer to shop in person, you must drop by your favorite department store. Visiting a department store can be helpful if you're particular about the fit and the details, like the stitching and feel of the material on your hands.  

Another great thing about shopping for cute travel backpacks in department stores is that you can visually inspect the bag's design and color. When you buy online, there could be a slight visual difference depending on your device's display setting and the quality of the image the store uploaded.  

Lastly, many department stores offer huge discounts and promotions, especially to members. You can snag some great deals when buying your cute travel backpack.  


5. Fashion Retailers 

Cute travel backpacks that combine functionality with fashion? Say no more. Many fashion retailers specialize in trendy apparel and have a range of cute travel backpacks to pair with them. Shopping at fashion retailers can give you a complete cute travel outfit from head to toe. You can even get the advice of their expert stylists while there.  

If you're looking for not just a cute but a trendy backpack, then a fashion retailer is where you must go. They have collaborations with great designers too, so if you're looking for a cute travel backpack to add to your collection, this is your place.  


6. Athletic Apparel Brands 

Sporty and cute travel backpacks? Many athletic apparel brands have delved into making these for their more quirky and eccentric market. What many people like about their product line is its durability and functionality. 

Your cute backpack will have compartments for water bottles and enough adjustable straps and padding for comfort. You can be sure that they offer backpacks that’ll last a long time because they're known for creating sturdy products tested in active conditions.


An excellent travel backpack should have a combination of comfort, durability, functionality, and ease-of-use to ensure a great traveling experience. Yet getting a cute one shouldn’t be a hindrance. The places where you can get cute-looking travel backpacks listed on this post will ensure you find one that you can use and make your adventure fun and memorable. All the best in your latest travel vacation!