There is also a lot more to Vegas than just gambling, this city has some the best entertainment, tourist attractions and nightlife in the whole of the U.S.!

In this article will give you an insight into the best accessories and things to pack for the ultimate Las Vegas vacation.


1. Money

Yes, you will need to bring lots of amounts of money to enjoy the best of the city. 

Las Vegas has many landmarks and beautiful locations you can enjoy, a lot of which are totally free. But to maximise your time here you really need to splash some cash! 

Staying somewhere special really adds to the Vegas experience, and so we recommend spending a bit more than usual to get a really world class hotel.


2. Comfortable Footwear

You might not think it before visiting Vegas, but you will end up walking, A LOT! Comfortable trainers are a must.


3. Light Clothing

Vegas is warm all year round so pack accordingly. Light clothes, shorts are recommended. You might also want to bring smart clothing and shoes for evenings, some places have quite strict dress codes.


4. Apps

Your phone will come in really handy especially as most places have free WIFI. The internet is now a vast highway of information that anyone can use.

Thankfully, there is an assortment of apps you can use to explore Las Vegas! We recommend the Trip Advisor and Las Vegas Travel Guide apps, 

These are the best ways to find out things which are happening, times, entry requirements, check for any upcoming las vegas shows or events or find amazing places to eat around the city.


5. Portable Battery Charger

Stores, restaurants, and even hotels now have booths for charging our devices. However, there are some places where they only offer electrical sockets. A portable battery charger is recommended, when our sightseeing and taking photos or using your phone the chances are your phone battery won't last the whole day.


6. Ipad and Headphones

You might also want to take an iPad or headphones, Vegas can be busy and noisy, sometimes its good to drain out the outside noise and relax in your down time.


7. GoPro

Gone is the age when hand-held video cameras record everything we do with our loved ones or experiences we want to cherish. Today, many of us enjoy the high-quality cameras our smartphones and tablets can share. Treat yourself to a GoPro mini camera which is great fun for capturing your trip. 


8. Sunscreen

Vegas is sunny, and really hot! Make sure you pack sunscreen, aftersun lotion and also protective clothings like hats and sunglasses.


Vegas really can be a lot of fun, just research what you want to do before and go enjoy an amazing trip.