Although the whole of Scotland offers unrivalled beauty to many spots in the world, one particular area that should be on your bucket list is the west coast of Scotland. 

The west coast of Scotland has a plethora of things to see and do, from the imposing mountains to the historic castles, delicious food to the white sandy beaches and panoramic scenery. Alongside this, you have its culture, shopping, hotels and towns for you to enjoy and explore.

Whether you are thinking of exploring the west coast of Scotland as a road trip or settling down in one location, you will have a fantastic time in this region of the UK.

Below are four of the best things to do when wanting to explore Scotland's stunning west coast. 


1. Isle of Skye

A very popular place to visit when travelling to the west coast of Scotland is the Isle of Skye. The Island is 50 miles long and has a whole range of activities and attractions for you to visit. If you enjoy wildlife, the Isle of Skye is the perfect place to be as well as if you enjoy history, as it’s covered in it. Its landscapes are breathtaking, with many beautiful spots for you to just relax and take in - if you enjoy walking or hiking, you’ll not be disappointed. 


2. Isle of Mull 

If you are planning on an overnight stay or simply want to visit on a day trip, the Isle of Mull should be on your radar. With many things to do, you can enjoy the beaches, the activities, bars and restaurants, the history or the scenery all in a day or two's work. Whether it’s perfect weather, or it’s raining the Isle of Mull has many things for you to discover no matter what the sky brings upon you. 


3. Oban 

Known as the seafood capital of Scotland, as well as having a great reputation for it’s chocolate, ice cream and whisky, Oban is a foodies paradise. There are many award winning restaurants as well as pubs for you to dine at and enjoy Scottish food. Activities wise, take a boat trip to see the wildlife or go on a guided tour to see the beautiful scenery around Oban. Whether you enjoy the water or the sea, you’ll have plenty of things to do and see that you’ll never want to leave.  


4. Cowal Peninsula 

Cowal Peninsula is a hidden gem within the west coast of Scotland. You can spend days exploring the beautiful scenery, as well as enjoying all the outdoor adventures that are offered including sailing, kayaking, quad biking and hiking. If you are looking for arguably one of the best beaches within the west coast of Scotland then a walk to Ostel Bay, will present beautiful waters that you can relax in. There are also plenty of restaurants dotted around the area, serving you some of Scotland's well-known seafood as well as other enjoyable meals. 


Will you be visiting the west coast of Scotland? Have you been to any of the places above? Are there any places you think our readers should visit when travelling to the west coast of Scotland? Let us know in the comment box below…