You took all the advice from the employability service at school, you got your qualifications, you worked hard to network in your industry… 

Unfortunately, so did your fellow candidates.  

The job market is a tough place and standing out takes work. Luckily, one of the most underrated ways to boost your skills and stand out from the crowd, is through something as fun and rewarding as travel.

Travel will let you see the world, experience new cultures, and develop your skills. If you’re ready to start your next adventure, then here are five ways that travel can make you more employable. 


1. Stress Management in Style

Travel is rewarding, one of the most rewarding ways we can spend our free time in fact, however there’s no escaping the fact that it can be a stressful experience too. 

There’s so much to plan, and unfamiliar locations to navigate, and learning how to manage all of this can help you to develop valuable skills that you can take with you into interviews. 

Learn how to think on your feet and you’ll be an asset to any company. 


2. Learn a New Language 

Speaking a second language can set you apart in a wide variety of industries and even be the defining factor in your selection over another candidate. 

Immersing yourself in another language is one of the best ways to learn fast.

However, you can also kick start your language learning before you leave. Services such as Rosetta Stone offer language classes that you can partake in on your own time for that head start you need.


3. Show You Care

Holidays are the most common form of travel; who doesn’t love a relaxing beach or a bustling city break?

However, when you undertake volunteering abroad, you’ll demonstrate to your potential employers that you care about the world around you. 

Projects like rhino conservation volunteering are a fantastic opportunity to make a difference in the world, and it’s a wonderful thing to put on your CV. 


4. Build Your Confidence 

Travelling to somewhere new, particularly if you travel alone, takes confidence.

Confidence isn’t something that comes easy to everyone. However, like any skill, it’s something that you can work on and improve. 

When you start to build your confidence, not only will you perform better in interviews, but you’ll be a more appealing candidate for employers. 


5. Master Organisational Skills

Planning a successful trip, where you get to the airport on time, see everything you want to see, and have a great time, takes organisation. 

And, the best part is, as organisation is a sort after skill, it’s a great one to practice while you travel. Work on your organisational abilities, and wow potential employers with the trips that you planned. 


How did travel make you stand out in the job search? Share your story in the comments below!