According to a recent report by Hostelworld, the world’s leading hostel booking platform, Gen Z travellers (those between 16 and 21 years old) are more adventurous, diverse, and socially conscious than previous generations of travellers.

The report, which surveyed over 5,000 people from different generations and countries, reveals how Gen Z travellers are different from their predecessors and what destinations they are most interested in visiting.

In this blog post, we'll explore 10 ways that you can ensure that your connection never fails when travelling abroad!


1. Research the availability of Wi-Fi and roaming options at your destination

Before you book your flight, research the availability of Wi-Fi in that country or city, and find out what roaming options are available at your destination. This will give you a good indication of how reliable internet access is likely to be while abroad.

You can also check the list of countries by internet connection speed and some broadband internet subscriptions compiled by the International Telecommunication Union1. This will help you compare the internet performance and penetration of different countries and regions.


2. Purchase an international SIM card.

International SIM cards can be purchased before you travel, and are a great way to stay connected abroad. Stay connected no matter where your travels take you with an international SIM card!

It's the perfect way to stay in touch, providing a convenient and cost-effective alternative for keeping up with family and friends from abroad. Plus, you can use your phone number - just like at home!


3. Check for Wi-Fi hotspots

Many airports, hotels, cafes and other public places offer free Wi-Fi access – so make sure to check before you leave home.

Need free Wi-Fi access? You can easily find what you need by searching "Wi-fi hotspots at (location)" for a detailed list of places in the vicinity.

Additionally, if you're constantly on the go, there are more convenient solutions like pocket wifi routers which you can purchase or rent to take with you during your travels.


4. Use VPN

VeePN is a reliable, secure Virtual Private Network service that will guarantee your internet data is encrypted and routed through the safest servers available globally. This ensures complete privacy and allows you to access content that might otherwise be blocked in the country you’re visiting.

So if you`re looking for a free VPN Chrome has a free trial for you! VeePN is a perfect choice. It's available for both desktop and mobile devices, so no matter where your adventures take you -you'll be covered!


5. Invest in a portable Wi-Fi device

If you're travelling with a group and need to remain connected while on the move, then portable Wi-Fi devices are the perfect solution.

Don't let a lack of internet connection slow down your next group adventure! Portable Wi-Fi devices provide the perfect solution - guaranteeing everyone in the party stays connected no matter where they wander.

A small fee will ensure you get unlimited data access, so don’t miss out on making memories with those closest to you!


6. Connect to personal hotspots

If you know somebody at your destination with a personal hotspot, you can usually request access to their connection.

Staying connected while travelling no longer needs to drain your wallet! Consider asking a friend at your destination if they have access to their hotspot - this can be an easy and cost-effective way of accessing the Internet.


7. Try Skype or other VoIP services to make calls on the go

For an inexpensive way to make international calls while you're abroad, Skype and other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are your best bet. These services typically provide drastically reduced rates for worldwide calling in comparison to traditional phone lines, helping you save money on your travels.


8. Bring along backup batteries and portable chargers so you don’t run out of juice during the day!

If you’re out and about, don't forget to bring a spare battery pack or portable charger in case of emergencies! Keep your eye on the horizon unrestrained by dwindling battery power!

Stay ready for life's surprises with a spare energy source in tow. Bring along an extra battery pack or portable charger and never let your device be left powerless, guaranteed to give you all of the juice you need no matter where it takes you.


9. Save data with apps that compress images and videos

No longer should you be concerned about high data costs - many applications are now available that optimize images and videos for transmission, allowing huge savings in data usage.

Compression apps make it easier than ever to share your travel photos with friends and family - without having to pay a fortune for access. So grab those pictures from the Eiffel Tower adventure or safari excursion you've wanted to show off, because now all that stands between them and your loved ones is just one click away!


10. Download offline maps and guides

Finally, you don’t need to worry about getting lost without Wi-Fi or data. With the tremendous array of apps offering offline maps and guides, it's now easy to find your way around unknown destinations--even when there is no access to online resources!

Staying connected while travelling abroad doesn't have to be a challenge! With these 10 tips, you can ensure that you stay connected without breaking the bank. So go explore, and don't forget to stay in touch!


Staying connected while travelling abroad is easier than ever with the help of modern technology. From international SIM cards to VoIP services, there are lots of ways to stay connected on your next trip. So go explore and don’t forget to stay in touch! Enjoy your travels and make sure to have a great time!