How WayAway Can Help You Save Money on Flights

How WayAway Can Help You Save Money on Flights

Booking flights can be an existing experience, after all there are so many amazing places you can go. From city breaks, to exotic islands, safaris and overland adventures, the world really is your oyster.

But if you have been researching trips since the Covid-19 pandemic, you will have noticed that prices for flights are now really expensive, even for short haul destinations.

The good news is there are ways to save money on your travels, and one site which can help is WayAway.

If you have never come across WayAway before, this is not just another travel site, this company has a unique selling point that they offer you the chance to book cheap flights and get cashback for every booking made.

Find out more why WayAway is the perfect website to use to book your next adventure if you want to save money.


What is WayAway?

WayAway helps you to search cheap flight tickets from hundreds of airlines around the world. You can view fares with over 700 international airlines and travel agencies to get the best deals on your next break away.

WayAway doesn't directly sell flights, it's a service which finds the best deals. As well as great deals on cheap flights you also get cash back on all bookings made. 


Why Use WayAway?

There are lots of flight and travel booking websites on the web, including established names like Skyscanner, Google Flights, Kayak and Expedia.

WayAway is different to these sites though as it offers you the chance to get money back. Another benefit of using WayAway is you can can also get cash back through booking other travel services like car rentals, hotels, and tours, via the WayAway’s Plus Membership program. 

The WayAway website and app is very easy to use with a clean, simple and fast interface. For flights, just enter your departure location, preferred destination and dates and you can get results in seconds.

One thing we really like about WayAway is the monthly search view, where you can see the difference in price per day. This can really help you to find the cheapest prices if you are flexible with your dates.


WayAway Plus Benefits

WayAway Plus is special membership program for travellers, where you can make big savings on trips abroad. You can register now and trail the service for 7 days totally free, then if you like it, 1 year costs $49.99. 

Benefits of WayAway Plus include up to 10% on stays, transfers, car rental, and even attractions!

Make a booking for any of these travel services and receive:

  • Up to 5% on flights
  • Up to 10% on hotels
  • Up to 5% on rental cars
  • Up to 6% on Viator Tours 
  • Up to 8% on GetYourGuide Experiences 

These special cash back rates are only available for the WayAway plus members. Other benefits include travel experts around-the-clock support and insightful tips from locals.

Once you have register for a WayAway Plus account you will find out more information and keep track of cash back via the WayAway website and App. Cash back is paid direct to your Paypal account, usually within 90 days after your flight. 

If you would like more information or to join WayAway Plus you can get a special 10% discount here.


Final Thoughts

No matter if you are booking an individual trip, travel regularly for work or pleasure, WayAway is a great site to use if you want to get the best deals. If you travel often, WayWay Plus is a great way to save money. Even if you just make one booking, depends on the destination and service, the cash back you make can easily cover the initial $49.99 fee. The Waylay App is also really simple to use and make booking flights, accommodation and travel services easy.