Most business owners assume that only gaining followers on Twitter is essential to boost brand awareness. Although followers are important, there’s so much more you need to do right on Twitter to promote your business more effectively.

If you’re on the hunt for top tips on using Twitter for tourism marketing to increase bookings for your tours and overall profit margins, keep reading this article.


Tip #1: Tweet Relevant to Your Target Audience

When you think about the tourism industry, it’s massive. Therefore, it’s essential to think about your targeted audience to help them relate better to your business. Does your tourism business target solo travelers, newly-wedded couples, or businessmen?

Once you figure this out, you should use the relevant tone and style of tweets to resonate better with your targeted audience. This way, you will better capture their attraction to your page and increase conversion rates to ensure more bookings.  


Tip #2: Use Premium-Quality Images in Your Tweets

Simple text-based tweets don’t attract much attention from Twitter users. However, adding high-quality pictures to your tweets makes it easier for you to catch the eye of your targeted audience and get more retweets, mentions, comments, and likes.

What’s great about the tourism business is that you always have opportunities to click high-quality pictures and share them with the world through your Twitter page. You can also keep an eye on the in-built analytics and see which kinds of images perform the best, so you can post similar ones more in the future.


Tip #3: Post Videos

Videos also tend to perform great on this social media platform. Make sure you create some videos to show what booking a tour with you looks like. There are so many creative ways to create videos and share them with your targeted audience on Twitter.

For example, you can share professional tips or dos/don'ts of a certain activity that your company is known for, record how your tour group members are having the time of their lives, and even share their video testimonials.

All of this will grab the attention of your potential customers, and don’t forget to add a CTA like “book now” with a relevant link to drive conversions.


Tip #4: Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags make your content more discoverable by a relevant audience as they get access to all the relevant content on one page. However, you can’t just use any hashtags. Make sure they are relevant to your tourism business.

Hashtags like wanderer, travel, and group travel are some of the examples that are popular in the tourism niche. You can also take inspiration from your competitors and see what hashtags they are using.


Tip #5: Tweet UGC

User-generated content serves as social proof and lures more people to your page. You can request your customers to mention you in their tweets and tag you with a picture or video, so you can retweet it on your profile.

This way, their followers can discover your business, and if someone is coming to your page for the first time, your business will look more credible and authentic.



With millions of monthly active user base, Twitter can be an ideal social media platform to help you boost brand recognition and awareness with revenue. Make sure you add pictures/videos to your tweets, stay relevant to your targeted audience, use relevant hashtags, leverage UGC and use this social media site to its full potential.