A new country with different surroundings and often culture can leave you feeling a little lonely. Making sure your accommodation is comfortable, welcoming and feel as much like your home as possible can help you to settle into your unfamiliar surroundings like it is your second home. 

When planning a big trip it might be pretty obvious you will miss some home comforts and we have put together 4 great recommendations for things to take and do which will help you to get through my time away from home.


1. Take Things with You

Sentimental objects such as photographs which you can display on your wall are a nice homely touch.

Whether it be photographs of family, friends, pets or a combination of the three photographs are lightweight and easy to pack and are perfect for reminding you of home.

Of course you can just look on your phone, but sometimes its nice to have something fixed.

Things of sentimental value can bring you a more warm feeling when you’re missing family.

Try to take something small so that you can fit it into your case comfortably and still have enough room for clothes and essentials. 


2. Familiar Surroundings

Certain smells can sometimes be a nice reminder of home and happy events.

A loved one’s perfume or aftershave either taken with you to use or sprayed on an item of clothing will instantly help you feel like you’ve taken a part of them with you on your trip.

Packing certain items of clothing which you associate with relaxing back at home, will also help you feel more content when missing aspects of home life.

Your dressing gown and slippers are an obvious choice, although if you’re staying somewhere warm, your favourite baggy t-shirt would be ideal to put on when feeling a little isolated from your usual surroundings.


3. Home Cuisine

Enjoying a comforting hot drink is also one of the most favoured and comforting times for many when feeling under the weather or a little homesick.

If you’re staying in a foreign country the flavour of their hot drinks is usually a lot different and therefore packing a small bag of coffee or your favourite tea bags will ensure you get a taste of home. Simply relaxing on the sofa with your favourite tea, coffee or hot chocolate combined with the box set of your favourite TV show makes for a cosy experience which mirrors home.

Fans of the hit TV series ‘An Idiot Abroad’ may have noticed that reluctant traveller Karl Pilkington took solace in packets of pickled onion Monster Munch. If you have any favourite crisps, chocolate bars or sweets from home then pack plenty of them to have a little bite of home when feeling isolated.

You could even ask family members to send some of your favourite treats out to wherever you’re staying!


4. Be Adventurous & Do Group Activities

Although home comforts are great, remember the reason you travelled and try to keep your mind occupied with new activities and experiences.

Get out there, make some new friends and pick up a new skill that you never knew you had before. Keep in regular contact with people at home and make sure your schedules as full as possible to keep your mind active and do exactly what you left home to do.

You might like to view our tours abroad or structured group gap year programs, volunteer jobs abroad, intern programs or paid jobs abroad. This will allow you to travel with others meaning you will spend little time alone.


5. More Tips

  • Do things to keep you busy
  • Be social and try to make new friends
  • Have a break from social media
  • Speak to friends and family regularly 
  • Learn a new language abroad - this will help with integration
  • Get a new hobby e.g. scuba diving - having a structured experience will make time more fun and structured


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