If you have been searching for affordable flights and trips, you might have noticed the price of flights and travel in general since the Covid-19 pandemic has gone super expensive.

But don't panic, there are lots of ways you can save money on your next break away.

View our tips and book your next adventure today.


Why Have Flights and Travel Gone So Expensive?

Everyone loves a bargain, right? Well, especially students and graduates, who usually are lacking the funds after years of studying.

But finding cheap flights can be a difficult task, especially since prices have shot up an estimated 30% since Covid-19 badly affected the travel industry. There are now fewer airlines, flights and also a huge increase in demand which have seen even what used to be cheap breaks away with low cost airlines now costing a small fortune.

Also large international travel companies like STA Travel have gone out of business who used to offer special prices and discounts to students and graduates, and so now there are limited choices for where to book.


How to Find Cheap Flights

Whether you are keen on a city break, an overseas adventure exploring different continents, or keen to take a gap year, there are lots of ways you can travel without spending a fortune. And this starts with flights.

There are many people who are totally unaware of the tricks for finding the cheapest flights, and we are going to share some little tricks and secrets for finding discounted flight tickets.

Use the RIght Websites
There are hundreds of websites and companies offering flights, and some are much better and cheaper than others. View our list of the best companies below.

Check for Student Discounts
If you are a student, with some companies and airlines you will be eligible for flight discounts.

Be Flexible with Dates
If you be flexible with the date of travel you will find much cheaper prices. For example travel outside of the school holidays and prices are much lower, especially if you avoid European summer (June, July and August) or the Christmas break (December).

Choose Your Departure Day Carefully
Usually flights Tuesday to Thursday are much cheaper than departing or arriving on Friday, Saturday and Sunday when there is more demand and higher prices.

Fly Off Peak Times
You will find flights departing early in the morning or late at night much cheaper than during the day.

Check Special Offers
There are lots of websites that provide you with special discounts and offers throughout the year. One of the best ways to find special offers is to sign up for news letters or follow companies on social media.

Become a Member
Some companies offer special discounts to members who sign up to newsletters or their specific members programs. You can get discounted prices, cash back and points per flight or trip you book.

Book Flights and Accommodation Together
Some websites offer the chance to book flights and hotels at the same time, at a discounted rate.


Best Flight Booking Websites

View our list of the best companies to book your next flight with.

1. Skyscanner

Everyone has heard of Skyscanner right? Founded back in 2001, Skyscanner is a travel agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland and has become one of the biggest travel booking sites on the planet.

On Skyscanner you can research and find cheap flights, hotels and car hire. Over 100 million people use Skyscanner every month, and their website and app is available in more than 30 languages.

This really is one of the best comparison websites as you can view thousands of flights to popular destinations worldwide and find the cheapest rates. 


2. WayAway

WayAway is one of the newer names in the travel industry, and their app is now one of the best.

One of the benefits of downloading the WayAway app is that you recieve cashback on all travel deals booked. This is one of the most unique things about WayAway, as most other websites don't offer the chance to recieve money back on bookings.

You can search hundreds of websites to find the cheapest flight tickets, with US and international airlines. If you are also looking for places to stay you can search and book hotels around the world. The WayAway search also displays final prices, without any hidden fees.

Another benefit of using WayAway is they are very eco friendly, their servers are run on renewable energy.


3. Google Flights

Google is one of the most dominant websites in the world, and in 2011 they launched Google Flights.

This is one of the easiest to use online flight booking search engines where you can compared flights to hundreds of destinations worldwide.

On Google Flights you can search, compared and find some of the cheapest flights and book fast.


Have you ever got a bargain flight? Or do you have any more recommendations to share? Let us know in the comments sections below.


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