But even in the pandemic, there are lots of ways you can make these types of parties happen and provide a safe environment for guests too.

Here are some tips to help you stay to an amazing part and keep yourself and your guests safe too. 


1. Keep Numbers Low

That said, you will still have no guarantee that there's no possibility of an infection, mixing with other people is the easiest way to catch and spread the virus, but if it only small numbers.


2. Invite People You Know

You could only invite people whom you trust to follow safety protocols. For example, if you know your friends are cautious, and vaccinated you know there is a much less risk which lessens the threat of getting the virus.


3. Make People Get Tested Before

Asking guests to take a test before arriving, or on arrival, for example a lateral flow test will give you confidence no one entering your house party is positive for covid.


4. Make People Wear Masks

Wearing masks is one of the best ways to reduce the tranmission and although this can be tricky if you are eating and drinking, you could get people to wear them when not doing these things. This might sound slightly draconian, but you could make it fun, for example host a fancy dress party with masks as a theme.


5. Rent a Party House

If you have concerns about hosting a part at your house, you can still be a house party but in another location. You can find party houses to rent, and they’re perfect for all types of plans. Renting a place that can accommodate everyone on your guest list somewhere amazing can be a really special experience. You could choose a house with more space or which has better facilities, this is highly recommended if you live in a small space. 


6. Have a Garden Party

The corona virus is much less dangerous and likely to be caught outside in the fresh rather than indoors in enclosed spaces. If you have the access to an outdoor space like a garden then hosting a party here is much safer.


7. Say No to Extra Guests

Everyone should RSVP when there’s an intention to come. You can’t let anyone into the place if the person didn’t reserve. Try to vet the guests to prevent potential health and safety risks. If children are part of the party, it’s even more critical. If a guest showed up with an uninvited person, offer the option to go. You also owe it to everyone else in the room. 


8. Label Drinks Cups and Utensils

It also helps if you label the utensils or use disposable ones. You don’t want people to pass around utensils already used by someone else. Also, it will prevent potential infections. Disposable utensils will go to the bin when the guest finishes using them. 


9. Set Rules

If you wish to have rules regarding health and safety, inform everyone upon distributing the invitation. Make sure these rules are fair and acceptable. If not, these guests can decline your offer. Anyone who decides to attend must abide by the rules. 


10. Avoid Too Many Activities

You have a house party because you want to keep it cosy and relaxing. You want an opportunity for people to have fun or converse with anyone in the room. You may throw a few games, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to exhaust your guests. You might also put too much pressure on yourself. You also don’t need to prepare everything yourself. Instead, work with food catering service companies or party planners. They will help make your party perfect. 


Hosting a house party comes with a risk, especially during this health crisis. However, you should still give it a shot and not cut all access to sociability. You will enjoy the event and your guests will also enjoy it. Learn from the experience and try to do better the next time you host.