To make it as an Instagram blogger, you will have to work very hard on producing the content for your blog and spend a lot of time on the platform. However hard it is to squeeze yourself into the top-rated personalities on Instagram, this is not impossible at all. 

There are many ways to increase your status on Instagram, including the purchase of stats that you need to boost. Even though the policy of Instagram considers buying metrics illegal, when used for the right purpose and in the proper amount, these purchases can be a great help to your growth. Especially if you are a beginner. The only thing that is vital to remember is that you cannot buy the love and appreciation of your audience. 

And how to earn such a reaction from your followers, will be the main topic of this article. Here we share three top tips that will get you much closer to becoming an influencer and trendsetter on Instagram. The whole strategy doesn’t consist only of three points, but these would be the most important of them all.

These basic recommendations will help you to know what you are doing and grow your presence on Instagram exponentially. If you are keen to make it big on Instagram, as a travel blogger or photographer, find out how to make it big below! 


1. Making Content

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At first, you may think that producing content can be a tough task. Starting out it might seem a little overwhealming but it does get easier once you pick up the basics. The secret of creating a lot of engaging material lies in a single skill that is quite easy to develop.

To become a personality that is worth following, just look around you. As Oscar Wilde noted, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You must try to see the beauty and interest in everything that happens in your life, in every place you visit, in everything that you do. However, do not take this advice too literally. The flowers that you see on the way to the park might be very cute to you, but unless you are a botanist or botanical illustrator, will they appeal to others? 

With travel opportunities currently limited due to Covid-19, it doesn't mean you can't find things to photograph. Check out places near to where you currently live and even though you might not think they are like New York City for example, they might just appeal to others. 

Or if you are heading on a trip to somewhere famous for example, to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, try to think outside the box. There are already thouands of photos of the Eiffel Tower, so do something different, try angles and filters and make your photo really stand out. 

With time, the skill of photographing and writing comments gets much easier. 


2. Find Your Nieche

Another important feature that has to be mentioned is that due to the high level of competition on the platform, you have to think outside of the box, especially if you want to have a popular travel page. 

You must offer something unique about your blog that will attract both your target audience and occasional viewers. Think why should people notice you and why would they want to follow your account? Focus on what you do best, or what outstanding features you have got. 

Social media, and Instagram in particular, and is a perfect place for sharing your personal experience and highlighting what concerns you. Some topics that you could pay attention to without correlation to your niche which are popular social issues at the moment include:

  • Ethical travel
  • Socially meaningful events 
  • Ecological initiatives 
  • Wellbeing and health 

Try to check out as many similar accounts to yours aswell, get tips on what other people do that is successful, and implement.


3. Know Your Audience

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Knowledge is power and being aware of what your average follower wants to see is a great instrument for gaining influence on the platform. And you need to gather more than just demographic data, like gender, age, or occupation. You have to discover what are the hobbies and interests of your target group, what brands and trends they prefer.

Finding this information is one of your primary goals. So you should embark on a deep dive-in the depth of content that your potential viewers choose. Monitoring your competitors is also a good idea. You will be able to see how the public reacts to different situations. Carefully look through the comment section - there you can get lots of useful information about the preferences of your crowd.

You can encourage your followers to help you with improving your page by engaging with them. Just ask them what they think about certain aspects of your profile, and you will have a full understanding of what you are doing wrong. Well, you will also know what your subscribers are appreciating in your content.

The vital thing is learning to differentiate rational and constructive criticism from meaningless hate. Both of these are useful to you, but they serve for different purposes. Haters cannot give you objective information. But what they do is they heat up the engagement and intrigue in your persona. So, haters gonna hate, but there is nothing too bad about it. Just remember to react right, without personal offenses towards anyone. 


More Top Tips

Here are a few useful tips to help you to really grow your Instagram page with maximum results:

  • Follow relevant accounts and see what other users do which is successful
  • Make a list of popular travel hashtags on Instagram relevant to the posts you are creating 
  • Make pages on other social media accounts like Twitter, TikTok and Facebook to share your Instagram content
  • Understand how to use Stories, a very successful feature that was recently added to Instagram, which allows you to share uploads and also links. This is another way for you to produce content and grow your follow count exponentially.
  • Create polls and questionnaires. They serve both for engagement and increasing rates, as people get the chance to ask what they want. communicate with you, and feel involved. On the other hand, you get better results from your Stories and understand the needs of your audience according to the types of questions you get. 
  • Play games with your followers, e.g. guess the differences between the versions of your photo, Wally-style finding the object or person on the picture, and so on. Such a form of content provokes viewers to freeze the Story to look closer. Freezing and rewatching Stories have a huge positive impact on the rating algorithms of Instagram. 
  • Make long-read Stories. In other words, write big texts, which require longer reading than 15 seconds. This will also make users freezing the content to the favor of your rate. 
  • Ask people to DM you and send reactions to your stories. Such activity is also very appreciated by Instagram. 
  • Post more. More stories means more interaction and engagement from your followers. Besides, every time when you post a fresh one, your icon will appear the first in the newsfeed of your audience.
  • there are also lots of filters and apps which can really enhance your photos and videos. 
  • Do reposts and collaborations with brands and other bloggers that are interesting to you. That will show your interests to the audience and will help them to discover your personality, which leads to bonding. A strong and loyal community is what you should cherish. 
  • If you get the opportunity to colaborate with a brand, be sure to research the company and make sure that they have high-quality products, which will work smoothly with the content you are uploading. 
  • You should also research using Instagram for affiliate marketing which can be another revenue stream.


Becoming an influencer on Instagram requires lots of work and it is difficult to get really popular especially when just starting out. But utilising the recommendations above will help you to understand how to get started and how to have growth. If you are enjoy Instagram and would also like to start generating income from your work check out this article how to make money from travel photography.

Do you have any recommendations for using Instagram that we have missed off out list? Let us know in the comments section below.