You've received your acceptance letter, and you've finished your registration — all you need now is a suitable location to live. Whether you live in a dorm, a shared apartment, or even your own apartment, conducting extensive research is the next step in the process.

Overseas students must search for a residence or dormitory as quickly as possible due to the UK's severe shortage of student accommodation. 

But first let’s find out what different types of housing are available in the UK:


1. Student Halls

Student Halls are university-provided housing, and it is where the majority of first-year university students reside.

Student halls are often found within or close to the university and are made up of long hallways with numerous rooms sharing a kitchen/living area. Student halls are often less expensive than other kinds of student housing since the college sponsors them. 

Staying on campus is a fantastic choice, and overseas students who want to stay on campus do so for convenience. The well-organized array of programs encourages students to form new acquaintances while also providing educational resources.


2. Private Student Accommodation

Some student housing has been created exclusively for students and are managed by private enterprises. These types of accommodation have a similar appearance and feel to halls of residence, but typically regarded as superior quality and often includes amenities such as social rooms, fitness centres, and concierge services.


3. Homestays

Students from other countries who want to improve their English sometimes opt to reside with a British family. It's a logical and cost-effective solution: you have your own room in a shared house or apartment while participating in English everyday life and having access to the conveniences and amenities of a permanent residence. Many households even give free or discounted rent to students in exchange for services like babysitting, homework assistance, or language training.



Here are some suggestions for finding student housing in the United Kingdom:

Contact a Letting Agent

It's typical to use a letting agent when finding a house in the UK. They work as a connection for both you and the landlord, assisting you in ensuring a better, more superior quality of service. They show you houses in your price bracket and desirable location, and they store your deposit (usually two months' rent) until your lease ends.

Keep your Documents Organised

International students have difficulties viewing their student housing ahead of time. If this describes you, we highly urge that you conduct extensive research to ensure that your possible housing is suitable for you and that you have all of your necessary paperwork on hand. 

It's possible that you'll be required to produce the following documents: 

  • Admission confirmation letter from your university   
  • If you are an international student, you will need a passport and a visa. 
  • Statements from the bank. 
  • Documents of identification (driving license, passport etc.). 
  • A guarantor

Read Before You Sign a Lease

Read every word carefully before you sign your lease agreement whether its student housing in Birmingham or Oxford; otherwise, uninformed decisions can have serious consequences in the long run.

A housing lease is a legally binding contract between a landlord and tenants. The lease allows the tenant to stay in residence for a certain period of time. It is critical that all of the topics are mentioned in the rental agreement so that both stakeholders are accountable and responsible. A co-signer, and someone who will bear financial responsibility for rental or repairs if you fail to fulfil your commitments, may indeed be required by the landlord.

General Agreement on the State of the Premises 

There's just one more step until you get your keys now that you've signed your lease agreement. The property must be inspected by both you and your landlords. This crucial step guarantees that you and your landlords are on the same page regarding the quality of your apartment when you gain custody. 

You'll investigate each place together and keep track of your findings. When you vacate the property, the very same procedure will be followed to determine whether any damage happened throughout your lease.

Consider Your Options

Although no one enjoys the extra burden of tradeoffs and uncertainties, it is prudent to be prepared for the unpredictable. If you execute all of the above suggestions, you ought to be alright, but planning ahead is always a good idea. 

Simply stated, you are free to register at several places till the deposit is paid. It might even be essential to make concessions on a few of your needs for individuals who are searching for housing at the last hour.

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We hope this article helps you in finding the best student accommodation in the UK, and best of luck with your endeavour!