Commemorating 50 years since ABBA’s win in 1958 and Luxembourg’s first participation in 31 years, 2024 is set to be an exciting show.

As we know already the competition will be taking place in Malmö from the 7th-11th May, it’s time to start making preparations if you are hoping to watch the show live. The event is incredibly popular, with tickets and accommodation selling out quickly.

We share some helpful tips on how to make visiting the show a reality, including some advice on how to secure the best deals.


Choosing When to Go

While the actual Eurovision Song Content 2024 final is on Saturday 11th May, there will be a full week of shows. With the final being the most popular show, it is quite difficult to get tickets, so consider seeing one of the other shows instead.

The semi-finals take place on Tuesday the 7th and Thursday 11th and there are rehearsal shows before each live show. There are also family shows in the afternoons, totalling nine shows, three of which will be broadcast live.

When deciding what show to attend, it’s useful to think about which countries you want to see most. Remember, the semi-finals will only feature half of the roster, so you’ll want to avoid missing your favourite performers.


Booking Accommodation

The first thing to organise is your accommodation since this is likely to deplete in availability the fastest. The high demand can also inflate prices to extortionate rates as we saw in Liverpool this year when accommodation was 82% more expensive than normal.

You don’t necessarily need to stay in Malmö however as Copenhagen is relatively close and connected by commuter train. In fact, you can stay in pretty much any city along the rail tracks and still be able to reach Malmö comfortably.


Arranging Travel

Next, you’ll need to organise your flights to the host country. Depending on whether you prioritise price or convenience, you may choose to fly direct to Malmö or travel a little further afield and take public transport to your accommodation – options include Stockholm or Copenhagen.

The main airline that flies to Malmö from the UK is Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). They mostly operate from London Heathrow and Manchester Airport, with flights often making a stop in Stockholm before eventually reaching Malmö. 

If you’re looking to drive to the airport, note that the airline uses Terminal 2 at London Heathrow, should you wish to park close by. Additionally, you should choose parking at Manchester Airport Terminal 1 if flying from Manchester.


Securing Eurovision Tickets

Before Eurovision tickets go on sale, it’s vital that you know the exact time and date they are released, as well as what tickets you are hoping to secure. You want to avoid wasting as much time at the checkout as possible. In recent years, ticket sales have been later than normal but this year, the City of Malmö is hoping to kick things off before Christmas.

Often, you’ll find a ticket presale for all the events and shows, so if you think you’re eligible, consider signing up to a retailer’s or artist’s mailing list to prevent missing out on the latest updates. OGAE International, the non-official Eurovision fab club, sometimes offers ticket packages to their members but it is important to join this club as early as possible.

While resale tickets aren’t recommended due to validity concerns, the official ticket partner will occasionally allow ticket holders to trade safely.