It allows you not to depend on schedules, guides, public transport. It gives complete freedom of movement, the ability to go in any chosen direction, stop where, when, as much as you want, change your plans. 

Renting a car abroad is especially attractive for those who plan to visit different places or various cities (states, regions) of one particular country. The rental of vehicles of numerous brands and classes allows tourists to become mobile, choosing a car to their liking.

And so, let's take a look at the main things that you should pay attention to when renting a car during your vacation or business trip.


Where to Rent?

Car rental is available in many places of the visited country. Rental offices are located throughout the state. You can find both local rental offices and international ones. You can contact the dealer for a car both locally and remotely.

You can try to rent a car upon arrival. Rental centers are now massively distributed all over the world. However, it will be safer to book a car in advance. Many online services are specializing in car booking. It is important to choose among them the one that is trustworthy and offers the best conditions.

If you buy a trip from a travel company, then, as a rule, they are completely involved in organizing your vacation. Ask your manager if the selection of a rental car is included in the company's services. If so, they will help you choose and book the best option in the country and city of your holiday. Such firms work with time-tested car rental companies. So they will be able to offer you a reliable auto of your preferred brand on the best rental conditions.


How to Rent?

To draw up a rental agreement, you need a passport, a plastic card, and a driver's license (in most cases, it is an international one). When making a reservation, you will need to indicate the rental dates and the place where you will take the car. After you have chosen and reserved a vehicle, you will get a voucher, which is presented along with the documents upon picking up the auto.

In many cases, you can specify the airport of arrival. It eliminates the need to take a taxi to your destination. If this is not possible, the address of the rental point will be indicated. Most often it is located near the airport. The place of return of the car at the end of the rental period is also indicated when placing an order.



Car insurance is essential. No one can predict what might happen during a trip. Accidents, partial damage to the car, and even theft are not excluded. We hope this does not happen to you, but insurance for such a case will save you from unplanned large material costs.

Insurance is purchased when renting a car. Basic insurance is usually already included in the price. If desired, the type of insurance can be changed. Read and clarify the rental and insurance conditions before signing the agreement.


Additional Things to Consider

The cost of car rental abroad is also influenced by additional services that you can choose at will:

  • car delivery to the hotel;
  • driver service;
  • renting a child car seat;
  • renting a navigator;
  • extended insurance, etc.

Sometimes rental offices provide an additional range of services free of charge, upon request. This should be clarified in advance.

Going to another country and renting a car there, remember about the peculiarities of driving "habits" in this place and traffic rules. Furthermore keep in mind that the cost of a car depends on its class, year of manufacture, and the city in which you rent the car. For instance, to rent a Lamborghini Evo in Dubai, you have to fork out. However, the longer the rental period, the lower the cost.

There are many nuances when renting a car abroad. We tried to list the main things that you should pay attention to. Good luck and be careful!