Are you wanting to travel to Norway and wondering how you can get the ultimate experience?

Not only is Norway one of the best countries in which to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking or skiing, but there’s also plenty more on offer if your idea of fun isn’t quite so active.

Here are some top tips how to learn more about Norway, the people and culture, whilst experiencing the highlights of the country.


Cultural Discovery Through Norwegian Art

There are many museums and historical sites in Norway, including those that focus on Viking history, medieval cathedral cities, or the Second World War. You could also take a tour of an old farmhouse where you can learn about traditional foodways and crafts from earlier times.

You can discover the art of Norway through its museums, churches, and galleries.

One of the most distinguished art museums in Europe is the National Gallery of Norway in Oslo. The museum was built to display Norwegian paintings from 1814 onwards by artists such as Adolph Tidemand, Edvard Munch, and Christian Krohg who were inspired by their country’s landscapes.

The works on display represent different periods in Norwegian history, including Romanticism, Naturalism, Realism, Expressionism and Abstractionism.


Try the Food

Norwegian food is healthy and tasty as Norwegian people eat a lot of fish, meat, and vegetables. They also enjoy other foods such as cheese, yoghurt and fruit.

The problem is that the average person in Norway will spend a huge amount of their income on food bills – so it’s very expensive to eat out. You could say that eating out in Norway is a luxury.

There are, however, plenty of cheap places where you can get simple meals such as fish & chips (called fiskeboller). You can also try the traditional dish lefse – flatbread made from potatoes with various toppings like sausage or jam (usually apple). 


Learn How to Speak Norwegian

When visiting a city or town in Norway, it’s common for people to greet each other as they walk down the street, even if they don’t know one another.

Don't be alarmed too, but it’s also common for strangers to talk with each other while waiting on public transportation or in line at restaurants or stores as well as when using public facilities such as restrooms. 

Learning Norwegian before your holiday is a great way to experience Norwegian culture as you will be able to communicate with all the locals. This way, it is also easier to ask questions about their history and their culture. It is also really polite and local people will be really happy to see you trying to make an effort.


Where to Go

Norway is a country that boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth, with breathtaking fjords and snow-capped mountains. 

It’s also got a rich culture with deep roots in Norse mythology and folklore that can be enjoyed through art, music, dance and more.

Some places not to miss on your Norwegian travel itinerary include Oslo - the capital, Tromsø where you can go whale watching or see the northern lights, the beautiful Lofoten and Nordland and also Bergen and the breathtaking fjords.

Some more places you should consider if you have more time include The Geirangerfjord, Stavanger, Trondheim and Trøndelag, Kristiansand and the Svalbard Islands. 


Plan a Trip to Norway

If you’re looking for a travel destination that offers something more than your average resort holiday, Norway might be just what you need. Go discover it for yourself.