To help, we have shared some importand, and also fun things you can do when you arrive in a country for the first time.

Do these things when you arrive in a new country, let's go!


1. Let People Know You've Arrived

Inform your family or friends you've arrived safely - just to give them peace of mind.


2. Get to Your Accommodation

If you are arriving in a new country from overseas, the chances are you will either arrive by plane, train or bus. One of the most common scams travellers need to be aware of is to make sure you catch official transport.

Usually at airports, train and bus station there are unscuprilous people offering unofficial rides and the chances are they will charge an astronomical fee. Make sure you get official transport, you could even pre-book a transfer online.


3. Adjust to the New Time Zone

If you have only travelled close to home then this won't apply to you, but if you have travelled a long way then you will need time to acclimatize. Recommendations include setting the new time on your watch as soon as arrival, getting rest, cutting back on alcohol, caffeine and sugar and drinking lots of water.


4. Get a Local SIM Card

A local SIM card is your way to keep in touch with friend and family, and also stay connected to the internet on the go. 


5. Entertain Yourself

Nowadays most hotels and accommodation have free high speed WIFI, and even if they don't connecting to the internet via 4g is usually inexpensive and easy via your mobile.

Although travelling is lots of fun, you will usually get lots of time to relax and you might want to download apps, games or films.

If you love video games, have you ever wondered what kind of games are played in other countries? Or have you heard about a game that is predominant in one country but is unavailable in your own? If yes, then you've just discovered one fun thing you can do when you get to a new country. 

If you're not sure of which one to attempt, view reviews for recommendations for which games are best.


6. Secure Your Valuables

Before leaving your accommodation, make sure you put your important items like your passport, cards or money in a safe or secure location - especially if staying in a hostel!


7. Read up on the Culture and Customs

An important thing to do when you arrive in a new country is to familiarise yourself with the culture of the people. This will help you get along with the local population and learn how to conduct yourself in their country. 

This will really help you to abide by the rules and avoid getting into trouble, especially if travelling to places like the Middle East. In some countries some normal everyday Western activities like holding hands or kissing in public are banned.

In Indonesia and Malaysia, pointing with the index finger is considered strongly offensive, while in some parts of Africa, you only point towards objects or animals and not at people.

In the US, tipping is obligatory in most restaurants and can amount to 10% or more of the bill. These cultural significants are important to the people, and you may unknowingly get on the wrong side of people if you are not aware of certain things. 

If you want to understand more about the historical aspects of a new country you are visiting, you can do so by visiting museums. This will allow you to see first-hand the historical artefacts and elements of the country. You could also research online.


8. Sample the Local Food

One way to connect with a country is through their local dishes.

Although you can find Western fast food outlets throughout the world, one suggested approach is to experiment with different local meals straight away, as this will enhance your travel experience. You can ask the locals about the diverse meals they have in the country, and they may share some of their best meals and where you can get them. When you arrive in a new country, always look out for where the locals go to eat. 

If you prefer to cook your own meals, you can ask for the ingredients and guidance on ways to prepare the meals yourself. Tasting new meals will expose you to new flavours and tastes and allow you to learn new ways to cook the meals you already know.


9. Consider Tours

No matter where you go in the world, you could consider booking a tour. This is a great way to get an introduction to a country through a local guide, who will show you the significance of the locations you visit.

Most cities in the world have free walking tours which really are great when you arrive somewhere new, but depending on where you go you could also plan an itinerary to visit major attraction. For instance, you could engage in gorilla trekking in Uganda, go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, or see somewhere remarkable like the Taj Mahal in India.

On a tour you'll learn so much about the country, get to take travel photos of new places and create invaluable memories that live with you forever.


10. Enjoy the Nightlife

Most countries have nightlife that you can experience.

If you travel to Asia, there are night markets where you can buy things, interact with natives, eat local dishes and explore some cultural and traditional elements of the country.

In other places, you can experience the amazing scenery of the city by visiting a rooftop bar in Dubai, or in London for example, you can check out one of the burlesque clubs.

You can also enjoy nightlife at exotic beach locations in places like Bali or Thailand, where there are usually beach parties at night. In countries like New Orleans, you may enjoy live music, which makes the city's night magical.


Arriving a new destination can be a really exciting experience, not much compares to travelling.Take time to adapt to your new surroundings, and try to enjoy the best trip possible.