There are now lots of accommodation booking websites and thousands of hotels located around the world so it can be difficult to decide where to stay.

If you struggling to know where to start, check our top 10 questions you should ask yourself before choosing your next accommodation.


What is the goal of your trip?

If we relate to psychology, setting goals allows you to be more focused and identify what you want efficiently.

Before hitting the road, you should understand what your journey should give you - relaxation, extreme, or maybe romance. When the goal is ready, you start to choose the accommodation according to your needs, and it may be:

  • A luxury hotel at the seafront with a SPA for relaxation;
  • A resort right at the snowy mountain, with extreme sports activities;
  • A lovely rental in a peaceful village for romantic nights.

These are only several examples, but you get the general idea.


What extra services do you expect?

When you have a general understanding of what you expect from your trip, you can narrow down your accommodation options. When looking at possible hotels, look through the list of amenities attentively. You may encounter:

  • A swimming pool;
  • A restaurant;
  • Fitness center;
  • Private concierge;
  • Valet parking, etc.

Check the different in price between accommodation too, for example some places offer breakfast included. 


Does it have a cancellation policy?

If you are not sure your dates or the trip is guaranteed make sure the hotel you choose has a clear cancellation policy, which you can check before booking.

It might feel like reading a legal document with detailed rights and obligations, but usually comparison websites have a section on this and it will help save you monye if you don't actually travel.

You can usually find the information about the cancellation policy in the Terms & Conditions on the official website of your desired hotel. And remember - the policy will depend on when you book the accommodation and what room you will occupy exactly.


Does the hotel meet some specific needs?

Do not skip the description of the accommodation if you have specific needs. Maybe you have a special diet, seek a place for a pet, or wish to find a comfortable environment for a person with a disability. If the hotel description is vague - contact customer support to learn whether the service is ready to help with the needs you have.


How will you get there?

When you think you have chosen the best accommodation, consider examining its location and accessible transportation options. Look through the info about shuttle buses, taxis, and think about whether you need to rent a van to get to your hotel (and from it!).

Check the distance from the airport if you are arriving by air. You can make your life easier if you do plan on sightseeing or different trips by booking a vehicle hire for a reasonable price on a website like

If you are travelling with your family or as part of a large group you might want to rent a larger 7-seater vehicle. If you are travelling solo, or just with one other person might want to book something smaller and more compact and explore the best areas of your destination.

To get the best deals on rentals its usually better to book online before departing rather than waiting till you arrive. 


Is your location convenient?

There are lots of hotels with a convenient location, but this really depends on what you plan on doing. Look on Google Maps and decide whether you will have to use transport to get around or not. 

If you are going to visit a city and plan to do sightseeing you might want to stay centrally to the best attractions. If you can stay in a location with places of interest nearby you might be able to save money on transport costs. 

Or if you plan on doing day trips and excursions, you might be best staying near a train station or need where you plan to visit.


What about your budget?

When you work out a budget beforehand you can consider what percentage will cover accommodation. Knowing what price you are ready to spend can help avoid searching options that are too expensive.

If you are lucky enough to have a large budget you can find so many luxurious hotels around the world but even if you are on a tight budget there are lots of ways to find cheap accommodation.

Also remember if you manage to save money on your hotel you can use this to put towards other aspects of your trip like eating and drinking and entertainment.


What about check-in and check-out hours?

If you think you have found a perfect hotel - learn more about their check-in and check-out hours. You do not want to arrive and have to wait a number of hours for check-in to your room.

If there is a large check in time you may want to contact customer support to know whether there are options to check in earlier. Or if you are leaving your destination late on your departure day make sure they have somewhere you can leave your belongings.  


What do other people say?

This tip is efficient when you cannot decide where to stay and feel anxious because of it. Reading reviews allows you to take a glance at some pros and cons and helps to make up your final decision. Our small advice - read lots of reviews because the more information you get - the more accurate it will likely be.


Is the other language a problem for you?

Last but not least - language barrier issue. Whenever you travel abroad, check whether the hotel staff offers translation services or have workers who can speak your mother tongue. Believe us - Google Translator is not always your best help!