Modern educational tools will get the students more involved during lectures and concentrate on the subject. However, note that improper implementation and use of the technology will leave a bad impression on the student’s productivity.

The goal here should be to make lessons more fun, not less informational. It’s still the teacher’s responsibility to maintain their desire to learn and study new things. Many useful educational tools will help you manage time, prepare lessons, make them fun, check homework efficiently and so forth. 

Here are ten of the best educational technology tools that can help enhance your learning and help you to improve job prospects.


1. Laptops

This is probably the most popular and used educational technology tool. Having a few laptops, using them to deliver lessons, or introducing computer lessons will be a great experience for the students. 


2. Tablets

Teachers can use tablets for research, take online tests, and use them to deliver lessons in the classrooms. Besides, the students can use various educational apps related to the subjects, which will you to make the lessons more engaging and interesting.  


3. Social Networks

Most people complain that usage of social media sites in schools can be harmful to the modern educational system. That’s not true.

If you encourage the students to take advantage of social media for educational purposes, it will help them to be more engaged and establish a friendly atmosphere in the classes.

Say, you can create a Facebook or X page for your classroom and ask the students to have discussions regarding their lessons, various subjects, share information, etc. 


4. Online Encyclopedias

Finding information in online encyclopedias or libraries is more efficient and less cumbersome than finding them on books. Students, today, just prefer things that are connected to technology. 


5. The Radix Endeavor

If teachers want to motivate students who are learning math, science, engineering or technology, then this is a great tool. The Radix Endeavor is an online game for multiple players, which doubles as fun and a useful educational tool.


6. Nawmal for School

Many educational institutions worldwide are already using this engaging online tool. The main idea it to help students learn by developing fun movies with interesting characters. These tech tools will help the student to learn and discover their creativity as well. 


7. FunBrain

This website collects fun educational games for students on different games and subjects. Teachers can use this tool for various lessons and is equally engaging for students of all grades. 


8. Google for Education

Google for Education website is not only useful and interesting for students, but for teachers and private tutors as well. Google for Education features a ton of valuable information regarding new technologies, their educational value, as well a broad range of programs for students.


9. Filmora

Filmora is free app students can use to create impressive video presentation on any subject. It’s a fun way of learning new information via presentations made by students in the form of films. 


10. Google Cultural Institute

With this great tech tool, students can have access to a massive database of resources, know and explore different cultures, attend popular exhibitions at the comfort of their classrooms. They can also find necessary information fast and free. What’s even better, it’s available for everyone at any time. 


The Bottom Line

The advantages of using technology at educational institutions are endless and have a lasting impact on the learning capabilities of students. It helps make the educational system enjoyable and efficient for the students.

In fact, there are plenty of educational materials on the internet nowadays-- from online IT courses to interactive video tutorials - they're virtually endless. We recommend you give these a try. 


By Anthony Maldonado


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