To start with, a Snapback features an adjustable strap that allows the wearer to change its size. On the contrary, the Dad Hat offers a relaxed fit and has a round-shaped brim in comparison.

Want to know more differences between these two types of caps and which is best to buy? Keep reading!


What is a Snapback?

Just as the name suggests, Snapbacks feature an adjustable strap at their back. However, this is not the only characteristic of these caps.

Generally, Snapbacks are medium or high-profile baseball caps. But unlike baseball caps, they have a less rounded or slightly straight crown. Moreover, their crown is also structured.

Since these caps come with an adjustable strap, the wearers get a tighter fit compared to other caps.

As they are also flashier, mostly celebrities such as stage performers or hip-hop artists prefer them. Not only this, but they are also the favorite of professional baseball players.


What is a Dad Hat?

Have you ever seen an oversized cap with a curved bill and an unstructured crown? Say hello to the Dad Hat!

Dad hats are most commonly made of softer materials like canvas or cotton. This is what makes them comfortable and as a result, the wearers can wear them for a long time.

These hats do not feature a snap closure. Instead, they have a metal buckle closure at their back.
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Due to the large crown and no snap closure, the wearers get a casual look out of them.


Snapback vs. Dad Hat: What’s the Difference?

Do you also get confused between a Snapback and a Dad Hat? Not anymore! Here are some key differences between both caps.

1. Design

Design is one of the main differences between a Snapback and a Dad Hat. However, if you are a non-hat wearer, you might have a hard time detecting the difference.

To start with, Snapback’s design is quite loud and flashy. For this reason, it is the favorite hat of artists and celebrities.

On the other hand, a Dad Hat features detailed embroidery and is more subtle than a Snapback. Moreover, it looks worn out even if it is brand new.

2. Material

When it comes to the material of a Snapback and a Dad Hat, Snapbacks are usually made of acrylic.

Acrylic is a popular choice for these hats because it is long-lasting and can retain its shape for a very long time.

In contrast, Dad Hats feature lightweight textures including nylon or cotton. This is what makes these hats cool and non-structured.

3. Sticker

Stickers also play a significant role in differentiating between both these caps.

For example, all the Snapback caps feature stickers on them. That’s because these labels represent the manufacturer’s brand originality.

However, stickers are not compulsory on Dad Hats. But, you might notice some of the Dad Hats supporting the tags too. It depends upon the manufacturer.

4. Size

Snapbacks are generally available in different sizes so that they can perfectly fit the wearers’ heads.

For example, one might fit better on a larger head and the other would look good on a smaller head.

While shopping for Snapback caps, you must pay close attention to the size information on the label.

Some caps might be available in small, medium, or large sizes whereas others might measure the size with the hat’s crown circumference.

Coming to the size of Dad Hats, they are usually oversized and offer a loose fitting.

Unlike Snapbacks, they are available in one size and usually measure around 22 to 23 inches.

5. Angle

If you are a regular hat wearer, you will know that hat angles do matter. Different types of hats support different angles.

The angle of a Snapback cap is pre-shaped, hard, and around 90 degrees. This is what makes it suitable for prominent and visible designs.

On the contrary, the angle of the Dad Hat is backward; more like an obtuse angle. Not only this, but its panels are also softer in comparison.

6. Brim

The brim of any cap is incredibly important as it protects the wearer’s face from ultraviolet sun rays.

It is the front and stiff part of the cap coming out from the crown. Usually, it is plastic and has the same coverage as that of the crown.

When it comes to caps, there are two types of brims: flat and curved. Snapback caps and Dad Hats are different in terms of the brim as well.

For instance, traditional Snapbacks feature a flat and wide brim whereas Dad hats have a round and pre-shaped brim.

7. Closure

The closure is also a defining characteristic of the Snapback cap and a Dad Hat.

The closures of Snapbacks are of plastic and you can adjust them by snapping the buttons present on the back.

Coming to the Dad Hats, they usually have Velcro or metallic closure. However, fitted Dad Hats might not have any closure at all.

8. Crown & Panel

Snapback Hats usually feature a structured crown and consist of 6 panels with a flat brim.

In most cases, the panels of Snapbacks are of the same color but you can customize them in different colors as well.

On the other hand, Dad Hats have an unstructured and oversized crown. Moreover, these types of hats generally support a 5-panel design.

4 out of 5 panels of Dad Hats are equal in size and cover the back. However, its 5th panel is larger and covers the front area.


Final Thoughts

All in all, Snapbacks and Dad Hats are quite different from each other. However, these differences might not be visible to non-wearers.

We hope the above article will help you understand the difference between both caps better so that you can decide which is the right choice for you.

However, if you still have any queries, contact Aung Crown and they will be happy to assist you in any way we can.