Millions of tourists visit Italy every year with some of the main hotspots being Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and Pisa - just to name a few. But one place you may not have considered but you really should, is Puglia. 

This region of Italy is absolutely stunning and you’ll be certain to have the true authentic Italian experience of a lifetime making you want to return again and again. 


Where Is Puglia?

Puglia is in the southeast of Italy, the section known as the heel. It faces into the Adriatic Sea and is serviced by two airports, Bari and Brindisi, these cities are also ports, allowing you to arrive and depart by boat. In fact, these are common linking points taking you from Italy to Greece.

Due to its location, it is less visited by tourists. But this gives it an advantage as it is way less croweded than places like Rome.

Puglia is full of historic landmarks, beautiful natural spots, and is home to some great vineyards. It's worth taking one of the Puglia winery tours to see the production and taste the fine Puglia wine.

Of course, being less popular works in your favour, you’ll get to see Italy in its natural state and be able to enjoy the sights in a more relaxed environment.


Why You Should Book a Trip to Puglia

You can explore Puglia indepedently by booking your flights, accommodation and sightseeing by yourself, but one of the best ways to experience this area of Italy is via organised trip.

Here are some of the top reasosn why you should consider booking a tour of Puglia.


1. Learn More About the Local Culture

Italian culture is well known for being big on family, embracing style, and taking pride in its roots. You’ll only really experience this when you take a tour and get the opportunity to mingle with the locals. It’s a fantastic experience!

Most companies employ local guides who can really highlight the best places to go to soak up the atmopshere and cultural hotspots.


2. Enjoy Tasty Food

Italy is famous for food and if you want to enjoy the traditional dishes of the Puglia region then you’ll need to take a tour and visit some of the more traditional locations. You will be in for a treat!

Some restaurants are off the beaten track and not on the main tourist trail, but tours can allow you to visit these locations. Be sure to learn some basic Italian to impress the local people.


3. See Amazing Destinations

Popular places to visit in Puglia include the Gargano Peninsula, Bari, the capital of Puglia and Lecce, the pearl of the Baroque. There are also lots of really beautiful beaches along the coastline. These locations are truly impressive but to really appreciate them you should choose tours to Puglia. 

On a tour to Puglia you could see places which. you might otherwise not visit like the medieval castle in Conversano and traditional fishing villages such as Trani with its Church of the Templar Knights.

There are several UNESCO sites located around the Puglia region and Matera, located in the nearby Basilicata region, is worth a visit, it was the European Capital of Culture for 2019. Of course, there is also an abundance of stunning beaches worth visiting.


4. Choice of Trips

Most travel operators offer trips with transport which makes getting to see the highlights of Puglia easier. There are also lots of different trips available catering to all interests including, art, history, culture or active experiences.

Some of the best tours of Puglia are also overland bike trips which take you along sections of the 800km long coastline. In places, you can see the Mediterranean and the Adriatic at the same time.


Plan a Trip to Puglia

Puglia really is an underrated destination and somewhere you really need to visit in Italy. On a Puglia tour, you’ll be introduced to all the places that only the locals know about. It’s this that really sets the Puglia region apart and will make you want to come back, again and again. Just make sure you choose the best tours to Italy to maximise the experience.

Have you ever been to Puglia? Share your tips in the comments section below.