However, no matter how much you planned for it, there's still a possibility that things could go south. Having the right travel insurance can minimize the losses if you experience any mishaps on your trip. Below are some reasons why you should not skip getting travel insurance.


1. Your flight could get delayed or canceled

Flights are not uncommon to get delayed due to various reasons like bad weather or mechanical issues on the plane. It can be a hassle since it could ruin your schedule.

Plus, if it takes a while before the flight pushes through, you may need temporary accommodation since it can be uncomfortable to wait in the airport. However, your travel insurance could cover that and other related expenses incurred due to the delayed flight.

Worse, the flight can get canceled, and if you do not have proper insurance, you lose the money you spent for the upfront expenses you made, such as hotel accommodation and other reservations. 


2. Luggage could get delayed or go missing

Another common problem that many travelers experience is delayed or missing luggage. If the luggage gets delayed, you will not have access to your things, which may prompt you to purchase items that you can use in the meantime.

These are added expenses, which can be costly, especially if it takes time to get your luggage back. It’s one of the reasons why you need travel insurance because it could reimburse you for the money spent due to the said concern. 

There’s also a chance your luggage could get lost; without proper insurance, you will not be covered for that. It can hurt the pocket, especially if valuable or expensive items are in the missing luggage. If you experience this problem and you have travel insurance, you could get reimbursement up to a certain amount for your lost items. 


3. You can get sick or injured

Although you are perfectly healthy when you start the trip, you can get sick along the way.

You may need to pay upfront and out of pocket if it requires medical attention and hospitalization because your medical insurance may not cover it.

Most hospitals overseas do not accept medical insurance from other countries. The bill could pile up, putting a hole in your pocket. But you can avoid this by having the right travel insurance. Accidents could also happen, which may cause serious injuries.

Again, the right coverage could shoulder expenses for your treatment and hospitalization. With this, you can focus more on your recovery and not worry much about the cost. 


4. You may need medical evacuation

The situation may require flying you to a medical facility to treat your condition, which can be very expensive. However, your travel insurance can cover the expenses and your travel back home once you get better.

Travel insurance is a must as it will give you peace of mind and cover your expenses if you experience problems on your trip. So be sure to get one before booking a trip.